How to Wear a Mini Skirt in Winter

When you think of cold weather clothes, a mini skirt might not be the first thing to come to mind. But mini skirts are a staple wardrobe piece, no matter what age you are and no matter the season. In fact, I think I wear mini skirts in winter more than any other time of year because they add a bit of flirtatious femininity to cold-weather dressing. Plus, mini skirts are perfect for covering your bottom area when you're wearing leggings, which I don't feel comfortable wearing on their own. Not sure how to pull it off? Here's how to wear a mini skirt in winter.

Mini Skirt Styles

Mini skirts come in various styles, from A-line to more fitted bodycon silhouettes to circle-cut skater skirts styled after figure skaters. I personally prefer the A-line skirt and I have several in my wardrobe in pleated, plaid, corduroy and faux leather styles. You can pick whichever style you best feel fits your body shape and personal taste.

Staying Warm in a Mini Skirt

When it comes to how to wear a mini skirt in winter, leggings are your friend. You can get leggings in different degrees of thickness depending on how cold it is outside, from fleece-lined (extra warm) to thinner cotton leggings to just wearing opaque tights.For extra warmth, you can put a pair of pantyhose under your leggings, which adds warmth without adding bulk, or you can put leg warmers over them, which is like having a sweater on your legs!

Mini skirts look great with chunky snow boots that can often look awkward with longer slim skirts. When it's snowy and icy outside, you just can't get away with fashion footwear. You have to break out those practical boots to keep your feet warm and from slipping on frozen sidewalks. This is where mini skirts earn the award for excellent winter wear!

Mini skirts can be styled in a variety of ways for various occasions when the temperature dips.

Business Casual in a Mini Skirt

For work attire, style a mini skirt with your trusty leggings, a button-down shirt and a blazer in a thick material such as tweed or this sleek velvet one. Bright colors give a more creative, artsy look, while neutral colors will lean more conservative. Classic ankle boots ground the look for winter while still looking professional.

Mini Skirt Casual Outfit

A mini skirt in a thick material like corduroy works well for colder weather looks. Pair it with a long-sleeve t-shirt. For extra warmth, go with a thicker base layer, long underwear crew neck top, which can be quite warm in Marino wool blends. Top it with a sweater vest and you'll stay pretty toasty for weekend outings. Knee-high boots look great with mini skirts. They can add a playful touch and also serve for extra warmth around the legs.

Dress Up a Mini Skirt

When you're feeling dressy, mini skirts are the way to go. They can be a sexy touch to any outfit. This faux leather mini with silver, zip-front pockets gives a cool, rocker chic vibe. Pair it with an extra-fluffy, chunky sweater for a nice balance of edgy toughness and sweet softness. (You can also hide a base layer underneath for more warmth.) A pair of stiletto-heel ankle booties elevates the look for evening wear.

So don't be afraid to break out your mini skirts when the temperature dips. Layer them up and you have a versatile piece that will keep you warm all season!

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