3 Outfits to Wear When Shopping Around Town

Melissa Duncan
by Melissa Duncan

When I'm having a day of shopping with my girlfriends, I always want to look cute, but also comfortable. Something that won't make me feel miserable if I eat too many fries at lunch and something that is easy to take on and off quickly if I am trying on clothes.

Here, I'll give you 3 ideas for outfits to wear around town on your next shopping trip! Please note that these are all staples from my closet that I've owned for quite some time and they are no longer available for purchase. I hope they inspire you to shop your closet for similar items or shop in-store on your next trip. :)

First, is a comfy pair of pants! These are a loose, paperbag pant with an elastic waist. They honestly feel like I'm wearing sweats when I wear these, they are THAT comfortable! I paired them with a loose fitting shirt to balance out the looser fit on the pants. Don't forget to tuck in your tee for a more polished vibe!

Next is an oversized, button down tee and a loose fitting denim skirt. I find skirts so easy to quickly take on and off while trying on clothes in a fitting room. The skirt looks adorable while the shirt is comfortable beyond belief. Plus, it's a balance between an ultra feminine item paired with a more masculine item, which makes the outfit interesting. You can't go wrong!

Last is another skirt look (because they are so easy to shop in) paired with a halter body suit. I really love a midi skirt because they keep me just a tad warmer than a mini skirt (why are shopping malls always so cold?!) I wore my black leather fanny pack over my shoulder like a purse to keep my hands free while browsing. All I really needed to take with me was my phone, keys, lip balm, and credit cards, so packing light in this bag was easy and worth it!

I hope these looks inspired you to try something new on your next shopping trip!

Happy Styling!


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