4 in 1 DIY Beanie Hat With a Twist

3 Materials
10 Minutes

Fancy those multipurpose tools? What about multipurpose clothing pieces? Oh yeah, it’s a real thing! This beanie hat is a perfect example - it's 4 in 1.

You can use this hat as a regular beanie, a headband, a ponytail hat, or a scarf! It’s a great thing to have for winter or cold autumn.

Another nice thing about this hat is that it’s easy to make, despite the fact that it’s basically four projects in one. It doesn’t even take long to finish, as you’ll see for yourself when you try sewing it after you learn how in this tutorial.

Cut the fabric

You will need one piece of stretch knit fabric for this project. The width of the fabric piece should be the same as your head circumference.

Either download the free Beanie hat pattern or reference the standard size measurements I've listed in the link or cut your fabric according to your head circumference

Fabric width = head circumference

Sew the beanie

Fold the fabric in half vertically and align the edges.

Pin and sew together the two long raw edges. Leave a small gap unstitched for turning.

Fold the fabric

Set the fabric piece horizontally on your workspace, with the seam on the upper side.

Pull the bottom left corner to the top right corner and align them. Keep that corner in place with your finger.

Pull the top left corner down to the bottom right one and align them.

Tuck in the middle two layers of the fabric. Pin the top and bottom layer together, without catching the middle two layers.

Sew the beanie hat

Sew the edges you pinned. When you reach their end, stop the needle in the down position, pull out more fabric, align the layers, and keep stitching. Keep doing this until you get to the start of the seam.

Turn the hat inside out through the opening you left in the second step.

Fold the raw edges of the opening in and sew the opening shut.

Have fun wearing your new 4 in 1 beanie hat!

icon Here is the full written tutorial: https://hellosewing.com/how-to-make-a-beanie-hat-pattern/

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Suggested materials:

  • Knit fabric
  • Thread
  • Pins

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