A Crocheted Flower Tutorial

Here is an easy little crocheted flower tutorial to brighten up up a cold, dark winter’s day. Better still, you can download it here as a pdf! Crocheted Flower with Pointed Petals

The petals are made by crocheting 1 dc, 2 tr and 1 dc. The points are achieved by adding a couple of extra chains between the trebled and slip stitching into the first chain.

If you are reading this and you are American, please be aware that I have used British crochet terms!

1. 4 ch, join with ss to make a ring.

2. 1 ch,then 6 dc into ring. Join with ss. 6 stitches.

3. 1 ch, then *2 dc into next stitch* 6 times. Join with ss. 12 stitches.

4. 3 ch, skip a stitch, dc into next stitch, *2 ch, skip a stitch, dc into next stitch* 5 times.

5. 1 ch, then into each space made by the chains in the previous round *1 dc, 1 tr, 2 ch, ss into 2nd ch from hook, 1 tr, 1 dc.* Join with ss.

I think I might make a garland with my crocheted flowers. What will you do with the flowers you make?

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