5 Step Guide to the Perfect Cross Back Apron

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by Sara SJ Kim
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This holiday season make it your priority to add a little cheer. This DIY cross back apron is the perfect gift for that special baker in your life. Say goodbye to loose fitted, double knotted commercial options and sew a cross-back apron of your own instead!

Tools and materials:

Free pattern example

Download the pattern and cut! 

First things first, let’s download that free cross-back apron pattern! This pattern is the perfect stencil for measuring and cutting our material so get those scissors out and get slicing. 

By the end, you should have one bodice, two straps, one bib, and one pocket. 

Cross back apron pattern

Start that pocket  

Starting with the pocket, grab your square and fold a ¼ inch off the top - wrong sides together. Then, press down. After that, flip it over and fold and press another inch, right sides together. Once everything’s in place, sew the edges and flip right side out to hide those seams! 

Linen cross back apron

Finish and attach pocket 

Move to the opposite (untouched) edge and fold your material half an inch. Do the same thing with the sides, press down, and edgestitch. Pin the pocket to the bodice, edgestitch the bottom and sides to form your pocket, and remember to secure those top corners! 

Free cross back apron pattern

Attach the straps

Grab those straps! Pin and sew the wide side of the straps to the back of your bodice - right side together. Next, press the seam onto the bodice and understitch to secure it. 

How to make a cross back apron

Fold your edges

Now we’ve got to secure those seams, so double-fold a ¼ inch on those straps and outer edges. Press down! Your fold should run all the way from the top of the straps, down to the armholes. Edgestitch those folded out edges! 

Sew a cross back apron

To add those final touches, cross one strap over the other. Pin to the top and sew the straps to the top of the bodice right side together (about ½ inch away from the outer edge). 

Criss cross back apron

Clean and neat corners

Face the bib

Grab your bib and fold over a ¼ inch and press. Next, pin the bib to the top edge of the bodice and sew it together, right side together. When sewing the bib, sew ½ inch from the edge. Make sure the side edges are folded and the corners are sharp. 

Finished bib and bodice

Add finishing touches

Make sure the edges are folded and turn the apron right side out. Finally, let’s secure those edges with an edge stitch running from the bib to the armholes. 

DIY cross back apron

Hem it, wear it! 

Finally, let’s get to that final step - the hem! Simply double fold the bottom edge and press it down. Finish up with an edge stitch and marvel at a job well done. 

I hope you found this tutorial on how to DIY a cross-back apron helpful. Remember, you can always make it your own by choosing different fabrics, colors, and patterns! 

Suggested materials:
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Free pattern   (https://www.tessuti-shop.com/collecti...)
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