6 Easy Tips on How to Elevate Your Style

by Marina
10 Minutes

Today, I want to share with you how to elevate your style with six style elements.

These style elements will show you how to look polished and put together so you can find the right path to creating a sleek outfit. Let’s get started!

Adding belt

1. Add a belt

One element we usually forget to add is belts.

Belts don’t just have the purpose of holding your pants. They’re also there to add an elevated touch to your look. 

Adding belt

For example, if you’re wearing a blazer, you can pop on a statement belt to cinch your waist.

Something like that is going to make you appear so much more elevated and put together. 

Adding belt

Don’t forget you can also add a belt to a shirt. This is one of the things I love to do.

I have a lot of these longer, oversized shirts and I love to style them just by adding a belt. It looks absolutely flawless.

Adding belt

Another way you can add a belt is with a beautiful wrap dress.

Most wrap dresses come with a built-in belt, but you can add any statement belt that you like. There are so many ways you can wear a belt to elevate your look.

Versatile pair of shoes

2. Invest in a versatile pair of shoes

To instantly elevate your look, invest in a good pair of shoes that you’ll wear for years to come.

These boots are really beautiful and have a pointy toe and an elegant heel. It has a brown tone that can perfectly go with anything in my wardrobe. 

Versatile pair of shoes

It can look absolutely beautiful with white, cream, brown, and even black tones.

Even if I’m wearing something basic, it still elevates the look so don’t underestimate the power of good shoes.

They’re the finishing touch to your look and can make you appear so much more put together. 

Monochromatic tones

3. Wear monochromatic tones

If you’re having one of those days where you don’t know what to wear or you’re too lazy to look put together, go for monochromatic tones.

Wearing everything monochrome from head to toe can elevate a look and make you appear so elegant, and classy. 

Monochromatic tones

Whether you’re wearing all black, brown, cream, or even pink from head to toe, you will see how seamless and beautiful you’ll look!

Accessorizing on top of it and you’ll see your mood brighten up instantly.

Adding contrast

4. Add contrast

Add contrast or an unexpected touch to your look.

For example, I’m wearing this fancy and elegant black skirt and one of my favorite ways to style it is by wearing this oversized men’s shirt. 

Adding contrast

It’s so beautiful and adds something unexpected to the look and the contrast makes this look appear so beautiful and elegant while also toning it down.

The top makes the skirt more appropriate for everyday wear.

Adding contrast

Another example is pairing these high-waisted leather trousers with this tender white blouse.

The trousers appear edgier and contrast with the elegance of the blouse. Mixing and matching different style elements create an elevated look and make you stand out.


5. Add jewelry

Whether you decide to go after statement jewelry pieces or dainty jewelry pieces, they’re going to elevate the look in such a beautiful, elegant manner.

I love how big of a change they bring to a look.


For example, I paired these statement earrings with this basic turtleneck and they really elevate the look. 


Whether you opt for dainty or chunky pieces, it all comes down to preference, but can elevate even the most basic look.

You can even stack and layer necklaces.

Good staple pieces

6. Invest in good staple pieces

Add staple pieces over trendy pieces. You can acquire affordable staple pieces that will last you for years to come.

If you accessorize these pieces and style them in a cool-looking way, they’ll serve you for so many years. 

Good staple pieces

Unlike trendy pieces, you’ll be able to style these pieces together every day.

Trendy pieces add fun and interest to our wardrobe, but just for a short amount of time. Eventually, they’ll feel outdated and you won’t know how to style them. 

Good staple pieces

Staple pieces are always in, so invest in these core pieces.

How to elevate your style

These six style elements are really crucial to everyday styling and learning how to elevate your style.

Let me know which tip is your favorite in the comments!

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