Easy Style Hacks to Elevate Your Basic Outfits

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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There are so many rules in styling that it can be overwhelming, but here I’m going to share with you one single style hack that I myself follow religiously when I'm composing my outfits.

That rule is attention to detail, and by detail, I don't mean just the finishing touches but rather everything that makes part of the outfit composition, such as color combinations, patterns, and of course, the accessories.

We’ll be looking at classic foundation outfits and how we can elevate them.

Basic look 1

1. Basic look one

The base we’re working with is a simple t-shirt, a pair of black pants, some sneakers, and a trench coat.

This is a classic and timeless outfit, but it can look a little bit too mundane.

Basic look 1

To elevate this, I would swap the shoes for heels, but nothing too high.

Every time you wear heels, you improve your posture and add a bit of sophistication to the look.

Basic look 1

I would also swap the classic trench coat for a more of a statement version of it, like an oversized denim one.

This is a striking piece that will instantly elevate your look but still be very effortless and classic.

Basic look 1

I would also add a scarf to accessorize, as well as a structured bag, since no outfit is complete without a bag.

This transformation has made the outfit more polished, elegant, and cool.

Basic look 2

2. Basic look two

The next basic look we’ll be elevating is a midi skirt and a turtleneck. The midi skirt is in an a-line shape which is very flattering and falls at the slimmest part of my body and gives me the opportunity to showcase my shoes.

Basic look 2

To elevate this outfit, I’m adding an oversized pinstripe blazer that has a masculine feel to it. Then I belted the blazer. The belt is simple enough not to interfere with the other pieces, and it ties everything together nicely.

The blazer isn’t 90s oversized, but it’s slightly oversized, so the shoulders have to be a little bit wider than normal, which gives a fresh and current look to the cut.

The masculine fit of the blazer also contrasts really well with the feminine mules.

I finished off the outfit with my black bag and bold sunglasses that tie the look together.

Basic look 2

You could also opt for a biker jacket which adds an extra dose of coolness to this feminine look.

Basic look 3

3. Basic look three

For this look, I'm wearing a shirt dress - another staple in everybody's wardrobe.

Basic look 3

The first thing I did to dress up this look was add a vintage scarf.

When it comes to scarves, I really like vibrant colors and abstract prints. A scarf is a great way to add some color and texture to a look.

Basic look 3

Then I swapped the dress belt for another belt and the shoes for boots.

I also tied a sweater around my shoulder, which is another fun way to add a dimension to your look.

Basic look 3

You can also tie the sweater around your waist.

The sweater gives you the opportunity to wear another color, and it doubles as a practical piece because if it gets cold, you can always pop the sweater on.

Basic look 3

The ultimate cool way to style a shirt dress is to wear it as a shirt. For that, simply wear it unbuttoned at the bottom.

I like to show my waistline and the belt I'm wearing. I also like to play with proportions by wearing wide-leg pants underneath.

Basic look 3

Opting for a crossbody bag on top makes it even more fun.

Wearing classic pieces

Invest in classic pieces

A final tip is investing in classic, staple pieces that are plain but very well cut with great quality to them.

This will give you the opportunity to invest more in jewelry and accessories that typically cost less than items of clothing but can completely change your look.

Easy style hacks

There we have a handful of tips to make your outfits more chic.

Remember that classics don't need to be boring, they just need to be updated and styled in different ways to make them more interesting and intentional and allow you to showcase your personality.

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