How to Style a Slip Dress in 24 Classy Ways

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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I want to give you some ideas for how to style a slip dress.

Learning how to style this staple piece in different ways will give you lots of mileage. Let's get started.

Minimal look

1. Minimal

Keep things simple. Wear your slip dress with a nice necklace. Add a simple belt at the waist.

Minimal elevated

2. Minimal elevated

Wear a pair of dangly earrings. Put on a pair of classy-looking heels. Carry a fancy purse or clutch to polish off the look.

Edgy chic

3. Edgy chic

Wear a sheer cover-up over your shoulders. Choose a fun color and wear a belt with matching shoes. Add a bag in the same color to pull it all together.

Glam look

4. Glam

Add some glamour with a statement piece. I’m using a fluffy green sweater. A fur coat or a nice shawl can work for this look.

Casual Friday

5. Casual Friday

Wear your slip dress with a nice three-button blazer. Put on a pair of casual shoes and a matching bag. Push your sleeves around the elbows for a more relaxed feel.

Dress for success

6. Dress for success

Put on a classy one-button blazer and pair the look with some gorgeous heels. Add some sunglasses and a great bag.

High contrast

7. High contrast

Try adding a white blazer and belt to a black slip dress. Sunglasses and a white purse will complete the look.

Resort chic

8. Resort chic

Wear a loose and casual brown sweater over your slip dress. Pull on some slip-on shoes and carry a bag with a bit of a beachy vibe to it.

Beach walk

9. Beach walk

Dress down a slip dress for a casual walk on the beach. Slip on a pair of flip-flops and a sheer cover-up. Accessorize with a sun hat and sunglasses.

Warm layers

10. Warm layers

Wear your slip dress with a long-sleeved shirt pulled over the top. Add a nice jacket, hat, and pair of boots.

Color blocking

11. Color blocking

Wear a solid color top over your dress. Pick another color for your bag and one more color for your shoes.

Scandi style

12. Scandi style

Wear a sweater, jacket, and scarf over your dress. Put on a pair of nice boots and a simple bag.

Winter glam

13. Winter glam

Add some glamor with a classy coat. Try a fur or faux fur coat. Wear some strappy heels and pretty hoop earrings.

La Isla Bonita

14. La Isla Bonita

Pull your hair back and put on some dangly red earrings. Add a large-sleeved shirt, a red bag, and red strappy sandals to pull the look together.

Streetwear look

15. Streetwear

Put on a pair of simple sneakers and a baseball cap. You can wrap a white sweater over your shoulders or wear of white T-shirt over your dress, cinched and knotted at the waist.

Weekend elevated

16. Weekend elevated

For a casual but gorgeous weekend look, wear a denim jacket over your dress. Accessorize with some fun and funky sunglasses and a cool pair of shoes. An oversized bag goes great with this look.

Parisian chic

17. Parisian chic

Wear a long-sleeved fitted sweater in the same color as your dress. Put a simple but classy white belt around your waist. Match your bag to your belt. Don’t forget a nice pair of heels and some sunglasses.

Classic white shirt with a twist

18. Classic white shirt with a twist

If you have a white button-down shirt with some unique details wear that over your dress. Put on a pair of matching white heels.

Classic layers

19. Classic layers

Wear a white button-down shirt over your dress and pull a black V-neck sweater over it. Add a trench coat over the top. Accessorize with black sunglasses, a black bag, and some white shoes.


20. Bourgois

Wear a white button-down blouse and a cinched belt at the waist. Pull on a pair of boots, a nice tailored jacket, and a structured bag.

Check layers

21. Check layers

Pull a checkered sweater over a button-down shirt. Add a nice jacket and a pair of boots.

Shades of green

22. Shades of green

Go green. Put on a mint green shirt. Find a pair of green shoes. Add another shade of green with your bag.

Shearling chic

23. Shearling chic

Wear an oversized shearling jack over your dress. Go funky with an oversized bag. Add a fun winter hat and some short boots.

Biker meets chic

24. Biker meets chic

Put your favorite motorcycle jacket on over your dress. You can also add a sweater underneath. Wear matching cropped boots and a pair of aviator glasses.

How to style a slip dress

I hope these looks helped inspire you to shop your own closet and get your creative juices flowing.

Which look was your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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  • Kassi Kassi on Jun 26, 2023

    Love the versatility you show for one dress! I especially like the high contrast look you created. Thanks for the inspiration(s).

  • Silvana Patrick Silvana Patrick on Jun 27, 2023

    So glad you found it inspirational, Kassi :)