Learn How to Elevate Your Look With These 3 Easy Style Tips

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to improve your outfit. I will talk about how to accessorize with jewelry to create balance and tension in an outfit.

Only you know the right balance of elements of style is for your outfit, but I’ll be sharing some ideas that will help you think about getting dressed differently. Let’s get started!

Mixing styles

1. Mixing styles

We think of jewelry as a way to elevate basics or to finish a look, but it also plays a great role when you want to mix different style vibes, and it can underscore or highlight a vibe.

This look is cottagecore and a little Bohemian, but the black and gold chain pendant adds toughness and glam while working beautifully with the harsh contrast of the sunglasses.

Just including that one piece of jewelry adds a completely different texture and enough tension that the look doesn’t feel too costume-like or over the top.  

Mixing styles

In this look, the softness of the pearls and the organic texture of the necklace adds tension to the structure of the blazer and the shirt.

It throws off the look, making it softer and more dynamic. 

Mixing styles

For example, if you threw on a necklace on top of this outfit without unbuttoning the shirt, it would look awkward.

If you’re trying to use jewelry to mix styles, but it’s not working out, do some styling tweaks to the clothes. 

Mixing styles

If you prefer a minimal look, I love this example. The chunky hoops balance beautifully with the big block of color and the oversized and larger proportions.

The chunkier rings on the hand also balance the large earrings and hefty coat.

Mixing styles

In this example, Naito’s black and silver cuff is a great example of minimal jewelry changing up a style. It toughens up this soft, neutral look. 

Mixing styles

This vintage lilac blouse is more romantic and detailed than I’m used to and I styled it with softer accessories like pearls or jewelry. 

Mixing styles

But I wanted to lean into a classic and minimal look, so I swapped out the jewelry for hexagon hoops which are more clean cut and structured to add tension to the blouse.

2. Balancing jewelry 

Ask yourself: Do you want to be maximal and harmonious or do you want that minimal statement?

For maximal, pile on all of the color and textures. Go heavy on the layers or the big statement piece in two places that are far apart, like the wrists and neck.

Balancing jewelry

In this look, Carla has two impactful layered necklaces and a cuff but they work well together because they are far enough apart. 

Balancing jewelry

This look works because though her earrings are a big statement, they’re very soft and neutral, and noncompeting.

The other pieces are similar in texture and color, and the necklace blends with her shirt. 

Balancing jewelry

Minimalism can be dramatic too. It’s about how you fill the negative space of your outfit, such as rolled-up sleeves.

It’s also about balancing jewelry with the rest of the hardware like belts, buckles, and purses. 

Balancing jewelry

In this example, the buckle on the bag is the showpiece of this outfit so the jewelry is kept minimal with a fine necklace and subtle earrings. Nothing is competing for attention. 

Balancing jewelry

When balancing jewelry with belt buckles, if you’re wearing a chain or anything hefty, keep the necklace shorter so it doesn’t compete.

If you want to wear a long necklace, then choose something that has no metal or shine. This way they’re not competing and can be close to each other.

Balancing jewelry

You can also wear chunkier jewelry in a balanced way.

In this example, the chain is shorter and there are elements of the chunky bracelets and the necklace that are the same such as the chain links and the gold.

Think of it as mixing prints; you have to have common denominators to make it work. 

3. Necklines


I love filling deep V’s with longer necklaces and even a bunch of layers can make the deep V feel more dramatic. 


For higher necklines, like turtlenecks or crewnecks, a long or layered necklace creates a faux v-neck that draws the eye down. This can be really flattering and elegant. 


When layering necklaces, a visually impactful earring can look great with just a high neck.

Throwing a necklace into the mix is going to confuse the eye and compete with everything.

When balancing jewelry, the focus has to be on the face, neck, and torso area. Go nuts with bracelets, big watches, and rings as they’re not as distracting to the eye.

How to elevate your look

Now you know how to always look put together and how to elevate your look just by balancing your jewelry with your style.

Let me know which tip is your favorite down below!

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