Save Your Too Tight Necklaces...DIY Necklace Extenders...18K...Wow!

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I am in LOVE with 18K Gold Jewelry...The Gold Color is Amazing. The Sparkle is Elegant. Delicate but Strong. No Hypoallergenic Issues. ALMOST PERFECT.

Yes. ALMOST. My latest Necklace is just TOO SHORT to wear comfortably. And the Tight Neck Grip is Definitely Not a Good Look, or Feel.

I was ready to set this 16" long Necklace in the Jewelry archives, when I discovered 18K Necklace Extenders...Available in 3 Sizes...18K Gold Plate...Lots of Wearing Options, and Crazy Cheap.

Ready to Update and Save Your Necklaces to Wear with Ease??

Yes!! Let's Go!!

This 18K Gold Vanessa Flair Necklace is delicate and very lovely. It is created from 2 Distinct Delicate Chains with a Gemstone and Gold Disc. Pretty.

Vanessa Flair "Wilson" Necklace. LINK.

Here is the clasp on my 16" Necklace. Solid Lobster Claw Clasp on one end and a Flat Bar on the other.

The BEFORE: Wearing the 16 inch length Necklace. Without Extenders, the Necklace grazes my is not comfortable to wear and I was ready to stash it away.

Hopefully, to the Rescue...The 18K Gold Extenders...Packaged with 3 Sizes...2 inch...4 inch...6 inch. The Extenders have the Same Clasps as the Necklace...Lobster Claw and Bar.

18 K Necklace Extenders...3 Sizes. 2", 4", 6".

Amazon LINK.

And the Extenders have similar delicate chains that match the delicate chains of the necklace.

I think the 6 inch extender will work best because the Necklace is Tight around my neck...but let's experiment and try them all to confirm.

The 2 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch Extenders...Ready for the Try-Ons.

Experiment 1: The Necklace with 2 inch Extender...feels so much more comfortable than without an Extender, and the Necklace has just the right dangle. But let's Not be Hasty...2 more Extenders to try.

The 2 inch Extender - does not quite cover the palm of my hand.

Experiment 2: The Necklace with 4 inch Extender...hmm...maybe a bit too long...could be a No.

The 4 inch extender covers my palm and thumb.

The 6 inch Extender reaches from Wrist to Fingertips.

Experiment 3: The Necklace with 6 inch Extender...Way Too Long for a pretty look.

The Winner! The 2 inch Extender...Just Right!!

Before: 16 inch chain with No Extender....Choking...

After: With 2 inch Extender...Perfect!

Too Tight/Choking Necklaces??? Saved in a Flash with Jewelry Extenders!

For All the Magic - Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • 18K Necklace Extenders (2", 4", 6")   (Amazon)
  • 18K 16 inch Necklace   (Vanessa Flair Jewellery)

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  • Bonnie Bonnie on May 18, 2024

    I have extenders but don't use them. They tend to be heavier than the chain and slide around the neck to the front. Any ideas?