How to Elevate Your Style: 6 Easy Hacks

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Want to know how to elevate your style? Here, I’ll be showing you six ways to do just that.

These simple tips and tricks are great things to bear in mind when getting dressed and will ensure that you look effortlessly polished and put together.


1. Blazers

There's no secret that I'm a blazer lover simply because a blazer is the focal point of any outfit, and it completely elevates it.

I specifically recommend going for a sharply tailored one.

For summer, go for linen or a linen blend, as this will give you a relaxed yet elegant feel. A summer linen set in a light tone, paired with browns and the right holiday accessories, just brings that Amalfi Coast feel.


You can also wear a linen blazer with other more tailored pieces, it just takes the edge off the seriousness of the outfit.


I also like to go for a blazer in a more masculine style that looks amazing with feminine pieces.

It’s great to have a range of different blazers in your wardrobe, so you can opt for one depending on your mood and the season.


2. Pearls

Regardless of your style, pearls are guaranteed to refine your outfit composition, but this doesn’t mean that you have to wear a standard pearl necklace.

I love something a little bit more bold and edgy, so I was instantly drawn to this pearl brooch, it’s perfect for embellishing a simple sweater.


I also like oversized pearl necklaces as they are a really head-turning piece. Go big or go home!


3. Slingbacks

There are many types of toes with slingback shoes.

At the moment, I’m leaning more towards diamond toes, but you could also go for square toes, whatever you think looks more current and on-trend.

In terms of heels, you want something that’s not too high and not too low.


4. Belts

Of course, a belt is functional in that it can hold your pants up, but for me, a belt is way more than that. A belt cinches your waist and draws attention to your smallest part.


I also like a statement belt - something that is clean, and that's got some character at the same time.

There is a rule that the bigger the frame, the bigger the belt, and the smaller the frame, the smaller the belt. Bear that in mind when choosing a belt that will suit your body size.


5. Hairstyle

Another thing that really elevates your look is your hair.

Healthy-looking hair is halfway to a successful outfit. Your hair has to complement the entire look, so your whole personal style has to translate to hair as well, never neglect your hair.


6. Perfume 

The last thing on my list that elevates your personal style is your scent. I love perfumes that are unique and exclusive.

For me, an outfit is not complete without your signature scent, and I don't like to wear anything that everybody else is wearing.

I find that when people have a signature scent, and you smell something similar to that, it evokes the memory of that person, which is a really nice thing.

How to elevate your style

There we have six things that, for me, make all the difference in the world to elevate your outfit composition instantly.

All of the pieces that I mentioned - the blazer, belt, pearls, and slingback shoes - are meant to be the focal point of your outfit, so be sure to choose them very carefully.

Which style hack is your favorite? Do you have any tips of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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