Easy Fashion Hacks To Elevate Your Everyday Outfits

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you some fashion hacks that will help you elevate the way you style your everyday outfits just by balancing your proportions. Let's get started.

Outfit idea

1. Consider your body shape

The first step in balancing your proportions is taking your body shape into consideration.

Clothes will look different on different people depending on what their proportions are.

2. Balance the visual weight

The next thing you need to know is how to balance the visual weight. If your outfit is bulky on top, you want to balance that at the bottom.

In the outfit on the left, my proportions are off by switching the pair of jeans, I was able to create an outfit that makes me look taller and slimmer.

3. Balance the colors

Color is another way that you can balance out your outfits.

Sometimes, if you are wearing a light top and then you wear a dark color on the bottom, it can feel very bottom-heavy.

But, when you add something to the top, that has the same or a tonal version of that color, it can really balance the outfit out.

Now I’m going to show you some outfits that don’t look quite right and then share what I’d do to make them look more balanced.

Outfit idea

Even though the skinny jeans are a good fit with the boxy T-shirt, the fact that I am wearing such delicate and pointy heels makes it look top-heavy.

I also don’t like how the handbag falls right to my hips since my hips are the widest part of my body, and the bag draws attention to that area.

Also, because the bag is back, it blends with my hips and makes them look even wider.

Outfit idea

Here, I have replaced the bag with one that is shorter and in a different color.

I switched the jeans for some wide-leg jeans since this adds more volume to the bottom of the outfit, which helps to balance out the boxy T-shirt.

I also added a belt to give me some definition. I’ve kept the point shoes as they make me look tall and elegant.

Outfit idea

This next outfit has a similar problem: it feels very top-heavy. I am wearing something very big on the top with something a bit tighter on the bottom, with the flat shoes making it look even more delicate at the bottom.

I also have no definition on the waist or anywhere on the top, and that makes me look a lot heavier than I am.

Outfit idea

To give me some more definition at the waist, I did a French tuck at the front so that you can see a little bit of my waistline.

I also added a belt to cinch my waist even more and draw attention to that area. I rolled up the sleeves to reveal some skin and swapped out the delicate flats for some chunky loafers.

Outfit idea

This is a beautiful and flattering dress, and you might think that because it is tight, you should pair it with chunky shoes to balance the look out.

That is not the case here, as chunky shoes just make it look very bottom-heavy.

I also think that, because the dress is so tight, it would look better with bigger sunglasses.

Lastly, the sleeves finish at my hips, which is my widest area.

Outfit idea

I transformed the look by pulling the sleeves up so they draw attention to my waist instead of my hips. I changed the shoes to a pair of pointed flats. Then, to make the outfit less basic, I added a boxy blazer.

Fashion hacks

I hope you’ve learned something new from this tutorial and have been able to pick up some tips on how to balance your outfits out.

Give these hacks a try for yourself and see what a difference it will make to your outfits.

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