How to Wear Leaf Prints and Accessories for Fall

I’ll admit, as soon as a chill hits the air at the end of summer, I become an absolute geek for fall! I love the fall colors, the pumpkin-flavored everything and sprucing up my home in fall décor. So why not celebrate the season in your wardrobe? I don’t just mean wearing fall colors, but using those falling leaves as a theme and a way to celebrate the season. You’ll be the most stylish person at your local Harvest Festival!

Here are some ideas for dressing in leaf print and accessories for fall

Leaf-print scarf

When there is a chill in the air, nothing feels better than a snuggly scarf. Not only do scarves keep a draft off your neck, but they also come in such a large variety of sizes you can wear them multiple ways – in your hair as a headband, tied to a handbag. Large infinity scarves like the one I have are a great statement piece for your outfit. Grab one in a festive leaf print, and you’ll tell the world you’re all in for fall! Shop leaf print scarf.

Leaf Print Clothing

If you really want to be on the nose about your love for fall, look for clothing with a leaf print. You’ll feel ready for that fall festival or visiting a pumpkin patch with clothes that blend right into the surroundings. Shop leaf print clothing.

Leaf Belt

A belt is one accessory we often don’t think about as a way to dress for the holidays. But leaves can easily translate on a belt, and belts are pretty prominent for fall dressing. You can wear them to cinch in bulky sweaters, jackets or tunic tops that are often part of fall wardrobes. And what better way than a belt with falling leaves? Shop leaf belt.

Leaf Jewelry

You can make a subtle nod to fall with a leaf-shaped jewelry piece or two. Depending on how chunky or petite you like your jewelry, you’re sure to find something in a leaf shape. I love to accessorize for holidays and special events with whimsical jewelry. Look for earrings, a necklace pendant, a charm bracelet or a brooch with leaf charms or shapes, and you’ll be right in the fall spirit. Shop leaf jewelry.

So now that you know how to dress with a falling leaf theme, which one will you try first?

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