Investing in Luxury Accessories

by Glamorouslady_x

This is a topic that I have discussed on here before and it’s a controversial one. Do you invest in luxury accessories or do you think it’s a waste of money and you can find alternatives on the High Street for a fraction of the price?

A couple of years ago I have made a conscious decision to save up and invest in luxury accessories and forgo buying multiples of High Street alternatives. Personally I believe that when I invest in the luxury item it is one item that I can wear with everything in my wardrobe for that season it is all night and I will be worn over and over again because it is an expensive luxury item to quality always stand time and the last four years to come. Personally, I believe that when I invest in a luxury item it is one item that I can wear with majority of things in my wardrobe for that season, it is one item that will be worn over and over again. Because it is an expensive luxury item it will be of the highest quality and thus will stand the test of time and last for years to come.

Before I buy an item, I put a lot of consideration into the purchase. I consider the cost per where of the item. This is a concept of dividing the cost of the item by the number of times you wear it or use. The more times it is used to worn, the lower this number will be, the better value the item will be.

That is why I always buy items in neutral colours (to match every colour palette). I would never buy more than one item in the same colour or with the same hardware.

This year I have invested in the items in the photos above: One white handbag with a matching belt and matching summer sandals. I know that these items will accessorise everything in my summer wardrobe and will be worn over and over again every year.

In fact, since purchasing the items only four weeks ago I have worn them on more than 20 occasions thus making their “cost per wear” low. I personally prefer to do that than buy loads of different, cheaper sandals and handbags to match with various colours. I think that fast fashion is not ecological nor sustainable. With three or four accessories I can save time and money in the long run and feel great whilst wearing them.

Another great reason for investing in luxury accessories is that they keep their value. So not only are you being sustainable by wearing the same items over and over again rather than buying fast fashion accessories but you can then resell the items.

I am linking a website that sells luxury brands and have often very good discounts so worth checking them out if you’re thinking of investing in an item.

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