DIY Anti Fog Face Mask

2 Materials
15 Minutes

The superhumans with excellent eyesight have no idea how annoying a face mask can get. Not because it’s uncomfortable or anything like that, but because it fogs up our glasses and turns us blind just like that.

If you are a fellow glasses user, you know the struggle all too well. But we can finally rejoice! Because there’s a solution to our troubles. DIY Anti fog face mask!

Here’s how you can make one fast and easy.

Prepare the fabric

Wash and iron the fabric thoroughly before you do anything with it.

You will need two fabric rectangles for this mask. A small piece measuring 7.5 x 7.5 inches from the lining, and a large piece measuring 10 x 7.5 inches from the main fabric.

Sew the mask

Set the main fabric piece horizontally on your workspace. Make sure that its right side is facing up.

Place the lining over it, so that its right side is facing down. Center the lining piece and pin the two fabrics together.

Stitch along the two long edges of the fabric layers. Turn the mask and press it with your iron.

Create the pleats

Place the mask horizontally on your workspace, just like you did in the previous step.

Pull the top edge down for about 1.25 inches and press the fold.

Fold down the top edge until it reaches the bottom edge and press again.

Now unfold the mask and pull the top edge to the crease in the middle. Pull the bottom edge to the fold as well and press everything with your iron.

Open up all of the folds except for the one at the very top.

After this, you will have all creases for the pleats, so just overlap the mask to form the pleats between the creases. Pay attention to the direction of the pleats, they should point down on the outer side and up on the inner side. Press the pleats to finish them.

Finish the mask

To make the tubes for the ear straps, fold each short side for about half of an inch twice and press with your iron. Sew along the tube edge and it will be ready for the strap.

Cut the straps to be about ten inches long each and thread them through the tubes. Tie their ends and you’re done!

If you feel up for doing another sewing project, take a look at our over 150 sewing tutorials over at HelloSewing. There’s more coming, so be sure to come back regularly!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Elastic

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