Scrunchies With a Bow

by Homeroad
3 Materials
1 Hour

My daughter has been into scrunchie hair ties with bows lately and we thought we'd try making some of our own from reclaimed clothing from the donation pile.

We began with a piece of reclaimed fabric. This one had a slight sparkle to it, we cut one part into a square and another into a long strip to hold elastic. It helps if you use fabric like this polyester that doesn't fray because we did not hem any of these pieces.

I stretched out a piece of elastic and used Sure Bonder fabric glue to attach the ribbon to the strip of fabric.

I attached the elastic to the fabric and then folded it over and added more glue to close the seam.

I pulled the elastic tight and tied a knot at the end.

I then used the square piece of fabric and folded two corners to the center. I then tied this piece in a knotaround the elastic scrunchie covering the seam where the elastic came together.

The scrunchie was that easy to make so we made a few more.

The sparkly scrunchie with a bow is so easy to make and they look adorable!

You can use different fabrics from your donation pile for the bow and as a short cut, just add the bows to pre-made scrunchies.

Almost free!

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Suggested materials:
  • Fabric   (recycled)
  • Elastic   (Amazon)
  • Scrunchies   (Amazon)

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