DIY Backless Satin-Lined Hat for Natural Hair

If you love wearing hats but still want the option of wearing your hair in a higher style, this project is for you. Let your curly puffs, ponytails and buns flourish with this DIY backless satin lined hat for natural hair!

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you’ll need:

  1. Basic hat
  2. Wave cap/du rag
  3. Fabric scissors
  4. Hot glue gun

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Step 2: Cut Opening

Cut an opening that’s slightly above the back strap and slightly behind the middle seams of the cap. You don’t want to cut past those middle seams or you’ll lose the full-coverage look of the hat!

Step 3: Insert Lining

Use the hot glue gun to glue the wave cap to the hat’s interior. Glue around the inside edges and the middle seams, then press firmly to make sure everything is secure.

Step 4: Trim Material

Once everything is glued, trim the excess material from the sides and the back to make sure everything is nice and neat.

Step 5: Glue Gaps

Lastly, your hat may have some gaps near the back strap where the material was cut. Hot glue and press any openings neatly closed.

All done!

That’s it! A few items and minutes later, you now have a backless hat that’s perfect to rock your natural puff, high ponytail or bun. Enjoy!





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Miaira Jennings
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