How to Wear Hair Accessories: 5 Fun Ways to Jazz Up Your Look

There are so many fun and cool hair accessories out there, and there are also a lot of trends around hair accessories at the moment. Here, I’m going to show you what’s fashionable at the moment and how to wear hair accessories. Let's get started.

How to wear a hair slide

1. How to wear hair clips and slides

Hair clips look really cool in your hair when you just want to clip up one side. You just literally pull your hair back and slide the clips in.

I like the look of two clips on one side and plus, it helps your hair to stay in place better.

This is also a good way to style your hair if you’re wearing some big statement earrings and you want to show them off.

I think that these hairclips give you a more dressy and put-together look, and they literally take a few seconds to put in. 

How to wear hair clips

You can wear any outfit with this hair trend. Here I’m wearing a one-shoulder top that mirrors the asymmetrical hairstyle, so it works really well.

Wearing hair slides on either side of the head

You can also style these hair clips by putting one on each side for a classy look.

2. How to wear a scrunchie

The next trend is scrunchies - those good, old-fashioned favorites. You can buy them in different colors to match whatever outfit you’ll be wearing them with.

Wearing a scrunchie in a half-up ponytail

I like to do a half-ponytail, not all of my hair, with a scrunchie. This creates a vintage sort of 80s look which I love. It looks very girly and also a bit teenagerish. I would wear my hair this way with sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt.

How to wear a scrunchie

Obviously, you also have the option to tie all of your hair up with a scrunchie. This also looks fun and playful.

3. How to wear a beret

The next accessory is a beret. I have one leather one and one made from wool. A beret adds a thoughtful touch to your outfit and looks very classy. 

Wearing a beret to the side

You can also wear it in lots of different ways - you can wear it on the side of your head.

How to wear a beret

Or more towards the back of your head.

Wearing a red leather beret

I like how this leather one is really different and pops out. I think that a beret is a really good addition to your outfit.

How to wear a postboy cap

4. How to wear a postboy cap

The next accessory is the postboy cap. My friends make fun of me and tell me that I look like a train conductor, but I am obsessed with these right now. 

Brown leather postboy cap

Here is one in a brown leather style.

Navy blue postboy cap

And here is one in navy with a gold button detail at the side.

How to wear a headband

5. How to wear a headband

The last hair accessory trend I have to share with you is thick headbands. Again, you can get these in so many different designs.

These remind me of Gossip Girl because I’ve seen Blair and Serena wearing them in the series.

How to wear hair accessories

In the beginning, I wasn’t so sure whether these hairbands were really my style, but then after giving them a go, I now think that they are really fun; they pop out and can make your outfit more feminine.

How to wear hair accessories

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to style hair accessories. These hair accessories help add a bit of detail and pizazz to your outfits.

Accessories should never be overlooked because they can bring an outfit together and add the perfect finishing touches. Let me know which hair accessory trend is your favorite in the comments below!

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