Picking a Summer Hat

Summer is on and it’s time to dress lighter and seek out some protection from the sun’s hot and damaging rays. Luckily we can do this by adding a cute accessory, the summer hat. Even if you’re not a hat person, there’s no question a summer hat can help protect your face from damaging ultraviolet rays, keep the glare out of your eyes and just add a little pizzazz to your outfit. Here are few styles to help you in picking out a hat this season. I styled them with what will probably be my go-to outfit this year – thrifted cotton culottes in a fun striped print and a t-shirt. As you can see, summer hats can go with anything!

Bolero Hat

This wide-brimmed hat sometimes referred to as a gaucho hat, is popular with cowboys to keep the sun off their face while out on the ranch. For you, it can be like a stylish little umbrella for portable shade anywhere you go. These hats can come in felt or leather. Pull the brim slightly down over one eye, and you’ll be looking chic all summer!


People often think of the fedora as a men’s hat, worn in the U.S. as a staple of a man’s wardrobe in the early twentieth century. Just take a look at films from the 1920s-50s; you’ll rarely see a man without his fedora. However, the fedora came about in the 1880s for a French actress in a play of the same name. It became a symbolic fashion statement of the women’s rights movement in the 1920s until stylish Prince Edward wore one in 1924, making it acceptable for men and women. Today, you can wear one with almost anything and give your outfit a sophisticated boost.

Bucket Hat

The canvas bucket hat was originally designed for fishermen to keep sun and rain off their faces while they spent long hours fishing on a boat. These days,  it’s a must-have fashion accessory that is once again having a resurgence after trending in decades past. This cute little hat can be thrown on with pretty much anything and adds a pop of carefree fun to your look.

Straw Hat

A wide-brimmed straw hat is a classic summer accessory. You can find them in almost every store when they bring out the summer styles. They usually come with a variety of hatbands, from a simple ribbon to more ornate trimmings. The neutral color of the straw makes this hat easy to pair with any summer outfit, and it works wonders to keep the sun off your face. (Make sure you get one with a tight straw weave, so it’s opaque.) You can wear it flat for more shade or tilt it back on the crown of the head for a sweeter look.

How to reshape a straw hat

Do you have a straw hat that needs reshaping? Check out this tutorial on How to Reshape a Straw Hat in a Few Simple Steps

Floppy Canvas Sun Hat

This canvas is perfect for summer travel. Unlike the straw hat, this baby can be crushed into a suitcase and pop out no worse for the wear. You can also use it at the pool or beach and get them wet without damaging the shape. They often come in a variety of fun colors, so pick whatever goes with your summer wardrobe.

So now that you have a variety of summer hats to choose from, what will be your look this summer?

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