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If you are looking for an inexpensive way to upstyle your summer wardrobe, I suggest wide brim hats! I am a hat girl, It's a year-round staple for me. I think of them as the cherry on top of any outfit. With summer in full swing, there are still plenty of occasions to add one to your next outfit.

They are available in so many colors, patterns, and widths to match any outfit you have. Not only do they add a little sass and class, but they also provide sun protection.

For a dressy occasion, I think they look best with a belted waist and a flare or circle type of skirt. It adds balance and makes the waist appear smaller. This blue and white stripe hat was purchased for $8 at an indoor mall.

A white summer hat will go with just about everything. You can also buy wide ribbons in different colors to tie around them to add even more looks.

I bought this cute hat at Walmart at the beginning of spring for $19. A bit more than I would normally spend, but I loved the shape and the bold color. They are now on clearance if you can find them. Adding the hat and different shoes gave this outfit a more stylish look.

A Hawaiian floral dress styled 3 ways. Adding a belt and the hat gives a dressier look, but the hat looks great when worn more casually too. This pink hat is available on Amazon.

A romper dress or shorts is a perfect outfit for a wide brim straw hat. A natural color hat like this one will go with most things. This hat is available on Amazon.

Don't be afraid of bold color, matching your hat to one color in a print, like this Hawaiian jumpsuit, helps to tie everything together and makes that color pop.

I like to wear palazzo pants over my swimming suit, and a floppy hat always makes the outfit look great for a pool party. This hat is available on Amazon.

A black floppy hat instantly dresses up a swimsuit cover-up that I styled as a dress, pairing it with shorts and a bandeau top. This hat is available on Amazon.

These are just a few of the ways you can wear these fun and inexpensive accessories. Sun protection and style, a winning combination!

I buy my hats on eBay, Amazon, and Shein.com You can get them from $8 up depending on sales or time of year. Shein.com always has them priced inexpensively. I always look at the end of summer, they are usually on clearance. My pink hat was only $6 on eBay last year. A little shopping around you will find some amazing deals.

Happy shopping!


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