10+ Casual Summer Outfits & What to Wear to Beat the Summer Heat

In this style guide, I’ll be showing you some casual summer outfits and how to look chic in the heat. I’ll be sharing with you the do’s and don'ts that I keep in mind, the fabrics that I try to keep at arm's length, and the styles that have become my new best friends. Let's get started.

1. Summer footwear

Start by thinking about your summer footwear. Throw out those sandals that got partly dissolved by seawater, bin those flip-flops that are falling apart, and treat yourself to a lovely new pair of shoes for this season.

Summery ballet flats

Here I’m wearing a pair of ballet flats.

Classic pair of tan summer sandals

These are a classic pair of summer sandals. They’ve got a really nice squishy sole underfoot and a lovely leather panel across the toe. I think that the shade of tan is spot on.

Black summer dress with puff sleeves

2. Summer dresses

I’m a little obsessed with summer dresses, and I never mind splashing out on a good quality one. I know that after one season, its cost per wear will be next to nothing, and I’ll also wear it every year from that point on.

Blue and white summer dres

Here are some of the summer dresses that I’ve bought over the years. They still make an appearance in my wardrobe every single year.

Navy summer dress

They’ve had a lot of wear, so they were definitely worth the pennies.

Short, pink summer dress

White, organic cotton mini dress

This organic cotton mini-dress is a very classic dress that makes me feel elegant.

Casual summer outfit with natural fibers

3. Fabric content

When creating wearable summer outfits, a lot of my thinking starts with the fabric content.

My favorite fabrics are cotton, Tencel, linen, and silk. Avoid polyester, leather, satin, and anything that glimmers. For maximum comfort, stick with natural fibers as much as possible.

Wearing a summer hat

4. Summer hat

I’m going to start with an honest disclaimer that straw hats can be hugely impractical. They tend to fly off in the wind and are tricky to pack.

However, they always make an outfit look effortlessly chic. That’s why I still have one in my summer capsule wardrobe. Plus, there is the added benefit of shielding your face from the sun, which is never a bad idea.

Pairing simple summer outfits with a statement handbag

5. Statement handbags

Some of my favorite casual summer outfits are often very simple pieces paired together. To elevate the look. I'll add a statement handbag to finish.

It’s about balancing the look, particularly when I’m wearing something pretty minimal. A beautiful handbag ties it all together. I really love the fact that the handle of this handbag looks like I’m wearing a big chunky chain bracelet when I hold it.

Opting for a looser fit in the summer

6. Relaxed fit

I think that it’s very hard to look chic in the heat in anything super-tight. I prefer opting for a looser and more relaxed fit. I balance out my look with a contrasting top or bottom portion, but I try to integrate at least one element that’s a touch on the looser side.

Here, I’ve gone for loose-fitting pants and a simple cami on top. The balance feels right between the shapes, and it’s very comfortable. Looser-fitting clothes are less likely to stick to you when you get hot.

Monochrome all-white outfit for summer

7. One-tone win

Tonal, one-color outfit ideas make you look more elegant and refined in an effortless way. Don’t worry too much about exact color matches; just shades along a similar train of thought will do the trick.

With white, for example, no two shades are exactly the same. My advice would be not to try and fight that, just go with the flow with those slight differences.

How to wear a blazer in the summer

8. Summer blazers

If you live somewhere where it isn’t hot every day, then this tip might help. In summer, you’ll want to opt for a lighter blazer, either in cotton or linen. I tend to use them to finish off a summer dress if it’s not quite hot enough to wear that dress on its own.

Wearing swimwear in a casual summer outfit

9. Double up your swimwear

If you have some lovely swimwear pieces, it does seem a shame to only save them for the pool or beach. I integrate them into outfit ideas too.

Depending on your swimsuit, you can pair it with laid-back shorts, a skirt, or some tailored, smart trousers. My swimsuit is pretty low-cut, but when paired with more elegant pieces, like this skirt, it really elevates the look, helping me feel more chic and refined.

Accessorizing summer outfits with gold jewelry

10. Accessorize

Save yourself from having to add any more layers when it’s hot, and let a lovely piece of statement jewelry do the polish for you.

I love the slightly bohemian vibe that accessories in summer bring. I’m a fan of gold jewelry and watches, and I like to layer gold necklaces together.

Casual summer outfits

Casual summer outfits

I hope you’ve enjoyed my casual summer outfits, as well as the tips and tricks that I reach for when I want to look chicer in the heat.

Keep these tips in mind when putting together your summer wardrobe, and you’re guaranteed to be both comfortable and stylish.

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