The 2 Best Hat Colors to Buy

Nat Tucker
by Nat Tucker

Today, we are talking hats! Hats are a really important and functional item. Whenever I am outside, whether I’m walking the dog or at a friend’s barbeque, I try my best to wear a hat because it’s important for sun protection. I want to show you the two best colors to buy your hats in so that you can protect your skin and still look good!

How to style a hat

Choose a crisp, light grey

The first color is light grey. What I love about a hat in this color is that it doesn’t interfere with the outfit. I find that this crisp color actually lifts and highlights the outfit. Hats can be a great accessory and people do notice them so make sure you buy your hats in the right colors!

Best hat colors

Choose go away green

If you are looking for a hat that will be a little bit less of a feature, then the color for you is go away green. This is the perfect way to wear a hat without making it too noticeable. Whether you want the hat as a more intended accessory or you just want to wear it as an understated piece, these are the two colors you need! Which hat color would you choose? Let me know in the comments below! 

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