Summer Sunhat Perfect for Sun Protection

Where would I be without a sunhat in summer? Probably burnt to a crisp and looking like a lobster. While I don’t typically go shopping with a large sunhat on, it’s not uncommon for me to wear them most every where else. (And I won’t lie, especially for photoshoots). The most appropriate and obviously best place to wear a sunhat is the pool and the beach. It so happens that when you are as pale as me, you burn easily. Even when I re-apply sunscreen I typically end up with the start of a burn. Maybe I just suck as sunscreen (probably) but a sunhat at least makes sure I have more protection in summer. Especially when you just don’t feel like reapplying every 2 hours. (I know it’s bad, and I always regret it, but it always happens that way).

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I have created quite the collection of sunhats since moving back to Florida. From oversized floppy hats, to boater hats (that I wear while partaking in some retail therapy at Target). They range in size but are all used for the same purpose, to keep the sun off my face and shoulders. I aspire to be like Blair from Atlantic // Pacific and have a grand and overly large sunhat for myself. And who knows. that might happen sooner rather than later.

Affordable Summer Sunhat

The question now becomes not if you should buy a sunhat but where you should look for an affordable one. There are plenty high end hats out there, and I do not doubt they are worth the price. I particularly have my eye on Sarah Bray Bermuda hats and the new Palm Beach Lately x Lisi Lerch collab. These hats are gorgeous and I know the quality is amazing. However, I just can’t cough up $100+ for a hat right now. But the good news is, there are equally beautiful hats available for an affordable price. I mean, my favorite boater hat is under $15!

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