A Hack to Perfectly Layer Necklaces

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
2 Minutes

Stacking multiple necklaces is a great way to add additional detail to your outfit. Whether you're stacking gold and pearls, beads and silver, or any other combo you love, you may run into a problem. If the necklaces you are stacking are the same length, then the look is thrown off. Today I'm going to share with you my favourite hack for layering necklaces that are the same length in order to get the perfect stack every time!

Here are the necklaces that I will be using for this tutorial. I'm loving the combo of a dainty gold chain with a cute charm, like this piece from Mejuri, and a small pearl necklace. Here's a link to save 10 % off your first order from Mejuri if you're looking to pick up any of these pieces!

You can see that these two necklaces are very similar in length, so when I wear them together I find that the pearls layer over the charm on the gold chain and it doesn't look as nice as if they were stacked at different lengths.

Take the clasp from the first necklace and join it with the second necklace, just like I've shown in the image above. Then, place this combined double necklace around your neck with the other ends still open and undone. You will need to wrap the second necklace around until it reaches the clasp that is still empty. Simply clasp the entire chain together at this point and your stack is secured. You can then pull on either necklace to adjust the length and perfect your layered look.

The results leave you with the clasps both hidden in the back and the two necklaces look perfectly layered without overlapping in the front. Try this hack out and let me know if you find it helpful!

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