How to Put Together a Tropical-style Outfit

During the hot days of summer, wouldn’t you love to get away to a tropical beach with a fruity cocktail in hand and a cute outfit on?

Tropical style is a look you can have even if you can’t jet off to the islands for the summer. It combines that aspirational vacation resort style with tropical themes such as palm leaves, hibiscus flowers and drinks served with fresh fruit and little umbrellas.

Dressing tropical style celebrates the things that symbolize an island destination so you can feel like you’re on a beachy vacay, even if you’re just spending the day at home by your kiddie pool. Here’s how to put together a tropical style outfit.

A Tropical-Style Dress

A dress with a tropical print is a great starting point for your beach-bound vacation look. Palm trees and hibiscus flowers are signature prints. Think Hawaiian shirts and sarong dresses that became popular when tourism boomed in Hawaii after WWII in the midcentury, and people wanted to bring a little bit of island style back home. The length can vary to whatever feels comfortable for your vacation look, from mini to midi to maxi.  Shop tropical print dress.

Tropical Style Jewelry

Jewelry that symbolizes the beach theme is right on point for this look. Wear anything made with or that looks like sea shells. I have on large statement earrings in the shape of palm tree leaves and bamboo bangle bracelets representing plants that grow abundantly on the Pan Pacific Islands.  Shop tropical style jewelry.

Straw Bag

A straw bag is a classic beach tote. With its organic material appeal and large size, it just calls out for being filled with a beach towel, sunscreen and sunglasses and hitting the sandy shores. Its neutral hue makes it the perfect bag to go with any summer outfit on or off the beach.  Shop straw bag.

Hair Flower

A flower in your hair is a beautiful accessory and can also symbolize the flora found around beach destinations. You can wear any flower in your hair for a pretty, feminine look. Hibiscus flowers are native to tropical regions. They are a flower that loves full sun, just like those that love beach life. Pacific Islanders also used a flower in the hair for women to signal whether they were single or married.  Shop hair flowers.

One note worth mentioning, the beachy theme of tropical style crosses over with a couple of other style trends:

-    Retro Tiki Subculture came about with Americans’ fascination with the Pacific Island lifestyle following World War II.

- “ Coconut Girl” style is a trend that went around on TikTok last year that consists of dressing in attire suitable for days at the beach.

While both these trends reflect a love for the relaxed vibe of island life, both have been controversial in taking the look too far with offensive overtones in  terminology and  cultural appropriation. Just something to be aware of.

So now that you know how to put together a tropical style outfit to aspire to live like you’re on an endless beachy island vacation, will you try the look?

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