How To Put Together a Festival Wear Outfit

Coachella in April marks the official kickoff to festival season. The warming weather brings people together for massive day-long concerts featuring several bands playing a particular genre of music on several stages. Rock and alternative music shows typically come with a heavy dose of creativity, with the audience as interesting to watch as the bands.

Fashion has become a huge part of the experience, from planning your outfit to getting those oh-so-important “I was there” photos on your social media accounts. Festival fashion has taken on a category all its own, much of it inspired by the mother festival of them all, Woodstock. Hippie, Bohemian (aka boho) fashion is a popular look at festivals in a nod to counterculture and freedom of expression.

Are you going to a music festival this year? Here’s how to put together a festival wear outfit.

Festival Wear Dress

The hot summer weather means you need to dress to stay – and look – cool. You’ll see a lot of skimpy outfits for festival wear, but that doesn’t mean if you’re not comfortable in a halter top and short-shorts, you can’t still look stylish. A loose-fitting maxi dress gives just the right boho vibes and will help you be cool and comfortable. Pick a bright color or pattern and light material. This dress was labeled as a swimsuit cover-up, and who says you can’t put on a bikini underneath?  Shop maxi dresses.

Festival Wear Shoes

What you wear on your feet could mean the difference between enjoying the festival or not. Keep in mind that you will be walking and standing – a lot. From the minute you get there, you’ll be walking from the parking lot, running from stage to stage, standing and watching the shows and standing in line for everything from food to merch to the bathroom. Trust me on this, wear comfortable shoes. Also, keep in mind that the sun will be out, and feet can get a sunburn, so sandals may not be the best choice. Also, you’ll be in crowds and want to protect your feet in case you get stepped on. These canvas high-top sneakers fit the bill with enough coverage in a breathable material, and they stay cool and comfy.  Shop sneakers.

Festival Accessories

If ever there was a time for maximalism, a festival is it. This is the place to express yourself, so piling on the jewelry is essential to give your outfit personality. Layer on necklaces, big earrings, bracelets and more. If your maxi dress feels too frumpy, add a belt or two! Everything goes at a festival and your accessories will help you stand out.  Shop jewelry.

Festival Hat

A hat is a great way to add a boho chic quality to your outfit, and it will help protect you from the sun. A wide-brimmed bolero hat is the perfect choice for a festival. Pick one in felt or straw or floppy-style canvas material. Tip it back on your head when you want to wear it as an accessory, then pull it to your forehead to block the sun’s glare – and add a little mystery!  Shop hats.

Festival Jacket

As the sun goes down at the festival, a chill usually rolls in. You’ll want to bring a jacket with you to stay warm. Pick a light jacket or duster that adds color and flair to your outfit, like this embroidered blazer that gives serious Jimi Hendrix vibes.  Shop jackets.

Festival Bag

Festivals last all day, sometimes several days, and you have to carry everything you need for the day with you. A good strong tote bag will hold your sunglasses, wallet, water bottle, snacks and extra clothes. Plus, it’s another way to express yourself, like this bag made of a reused coffee bean sack.  Shop tote bags.

That completes my festival look! Now that you know how to put together a festival wear outfit, what bands are you going to see this year?

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