Old Money Hack: A Stylish Way to Tie Your Scarf This Winter

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Are you bored of always wearing your scarf in the same way?

Here, I’m going to share with you a stylish way to tie your scarf this winter. Grab a long scarf and follow along as I show you what to do!

Placing scarf on neck

1. Place scarf on neck

Start by placing the scarf around your neck. You should have about ⅓ of the scarf on one side and ⅔ of the scarf on the other.

Wrapping shorter side

2. Wrap shorter side

Take the shorter side of the scarf and wrap it around your neck.

Wrapping longer side

3. Wrap longer side

Next, wrap the longer side around your neck.

You need to place your hand at the top part of the scarf to create a gap, as you can see I’m doing.

Pulling scarf through gap

4. Pull scarf through gap

Then, pull the longer side of the scarf through that gap that you created.

Bringing short side around

5. Bring short side around

Bring the short side of the scarf from behind your neck round to the front.

Adjusting scarf

6. Adjust scarf

Adjust the two sides of the scarf so that they are lying nicely.

A stylish way to tie your scarf this winter

A stylish way to tie your scarf this winter

Here is the finished scarf look, complete with a long coat and a fur trim.

I absolutely adore the way this scarf is styled - it’s different from what you normally see, and it looks extremely chic and elevated.

I feel like a rich lady in this look. I hope you’ll give the scarf style a go for yourself!

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