Different Ways to Wear and Style a Blanket Scarf

Chloe DeBre
by Chloe DeBre

If you are ready to experience a little bit of old Hollywood nostalgia, this blanket scarf tutorial is just what you need! Learn how to wrap a blanket scarf so that you can create elegant and sophisticated looks that will make you look tall and lean. I have a collection of plaid blanket scarves and although plaid is casual, I style them to create shabby-chic looks overflowing with elegance.

How to wear a blanket scarf

The nautical look

Let’s get into this nautical look! I love navy blue and white because it’s a color scheme perfect for all seasons. You can wear this shawl draped over your shoulders or around your neck. I love that these colors will never go out of style and so no matter how you wear this blanket scarf or shawl, it will always look put together. 

How to tie a blanket scarf

You can also tie the ends at the front with a loose knot. It almost makes the blanket scarf look like a cardigan or jacket which is perfect for colder weather. 

How to style a blanket scarf

Another way to wear this outfit is to just let the shawl hang over one shoulder. It adds interest to the look. This is the perfect going out for dinner look and if you have a broach or pin to hold the shawl in place, that would work nicely. 

Wear your favorite color

The fall feel look 

This next blanket scarf gives me a fall feel. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and this is a shawl that I actually made myself.

Throw over the shoulder

One way to wear this piece is to throw one side over the opposite shoulder. This style is classy and looks very sophisticated. 

Wear boots

I paired this blanket scarf with a pair of knee-high black boots and the boots make the look a whole lot more versatile. 

Wear heels

The high heel look 

To start off, I wanted to show you that you can wear a blanket scarf with a pair of high heels. These are my pointy toe pumps and I love the way they work with this plaid wrap. 

Wear as a skirt

One way to wear this blanket scarf is to wrap and tie it around your waist. This is a different style but I simply love it! The plaid fabric adds a casual feel to the look but it is still super stylish and classy. It definitely creates a down to earth outfit. 

Make a high-low skirt

If you like the skirt look you can also wrap the shawl to create a high-low look in the front and back. The blanket scarf is 100% cotton so it won’t unwrap. This is such a standout look and I can’t get enough! 

Criss-cross at the front

Another way to style this stunning plaid shawl is by doing a simple criss-cross in the front. Feel free to use a pretty broach or pin to hold the criss-cross in place in the center. It creates a sort of cardigan over the shoulder look which I find very sophisticated! 

Blanket scarf style

If you don’t love the crossover look, you can always tie the blanket scarf with a very loose knot around your neck. 

How to fold a blanket scarf

We of course also have the simple way that most people wear a blanket scarf or shawl which is to wrap it over the chest to give a bit of warmth. This classic look is still so elegant! Whether your shawl is plaid or silk you can make it work! Let me know in the comments which style you like best! 

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