Five Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

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The blanket scarf is a wardrobe staple during the Fall and Winter months. It pulls together any outfit, while keeping you warm. Because of it's size, there are may ways to wear it, but it can also be intimidating due to the amount of material. Here are five ways that I like to style a blanket scarf.

Secure with a skinny belt

I draped the scarf around my shoulders and secured with a skinny tan belt. This is super cute over skinny jeans.

Knotted behind the neck

Fold the scarf with the opposite corners together so it looks like a triangle. Tie the corners behind your neck, leaving the triangle point in the front.

Loose Wrap

Take two ends of the scarf and cross behind your neck letting them hang over your opposite shoulders. You can also tie the ends together and tuck under the front to make this look more secure.

Drape it

Drape it over your shoulders like a cape. This is a great option over a dress, when you do not want to wear a coat.

Single Loop Tie

Fold it length-wise until it is the width you desire and loop it around your neck once like a traditional scarf. This is a great look to wear with a wool coat.

Which look is your favorite?

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