How to Style a Burberry Scarf

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

The Burberry scarf is such a beautiful, quality, luxury investment for your wardrobe. So, of course, you want to know how to style it in many different ways so that you can get the most out of your beautiful purchase. I don't actually own the classic colorway of the Burberry scarf; instead, I went for this pink colorway called Vintage Check Ice Pink. I decided to go for this particular colorway because I already have a lot of pink in my wardrobe. That's the fun thing about these scarves - they come in lots of different colorways, so you can really choose one that suits your personality.

Just before we get into styling the scarf, I want to talk about the colors and tones of your outfits. When styling a Burberry scarf, it is easiest and best to stick to neutrals for the rest of your outfit. The scarf really is the standout piece, so if you get a little bit too busy with your outfit, it can take away from your scarf. You don't want something like stripes or dots going on because it is going to clash. I find neutral tones to go great with the scarf - I'm talking black, navy, white, cream, tan, and camel. Camel is the classic Burberry color that you will find in most of their scarves anyway. From there, you can also pick a color out of the particular scarf that you have and tie it in with your outfit if you want a pop of color. For example, the classic Burberry scarf has red in it, so you could wear a red sweater, have a red handbag, or even wear just a little touch of red lipstick. That's a clever way to add a little pop of color so that your outfit looks coordinated and not all neutral.

Style a Burberry scarf

Trench coat

The first way to style your Burberry scarf is with a trench coat, and Burberry invented the trench coat, so of course, it's going to go well with the Burberry scarf. They made it for the British army back in World War One. I'm wearing a Jack Wills one which I find to have the flare of Burberry but obviously not with the price tag. If I'm going to wear my trench coat open, I do like to have the scarf just hanging down because the length of the scarf with the coat falls quite nicely. 

Styling a Burberry scarf

But if I am planning on doing the coat up, I will make a tie on the scarf so that it can pop out the top.

How to style a Burberry scarf


I also like having it popping out a jacket or a vest. This is my favorite little pink puffy vest. To get it like this, I tie it in a big loop at the top. The Burberry scarf is cashmere, so it's so soft, and it feels like your neck is getting a warm blanket around it all day long.

Girly outfit

The scarf also looks great with a girly outfit - a little sweater dress or a cute skirt and blouse combination. There are multiple ways that you can wear a scarf with an outfit like this. You can obviously just have it simply hanging around your neck.

Basic Burberry scarf style

I like to have it where one side is hanging down and the other is over the shoulder. That definitely shows off the outfit while the scarf is still the main feature. With all the other ways you just have to mess around with it a bit until it looks like how you want it to look.

How to wear a Burberry scarf

You can wear it wrapped around like this if you're wearing a collar and want to have the collar peeking out the top. 

You can also make a knot at the bottom and tuck it underneath so looks like an infinity scarf where it’s all sitting up the top. 

If you like to wear your scarf just hanging around your neck but you don’t want it swinging around and getting in the way, then a great tip is to belt it.

 You can also sinch it on the outside of a coat.

Obviously, the scarf looks beautiful with dressed-up outfits, but you can totally dress it casually too - maybe with a pair of jeans or leggings and an oversized sweater.

The Burberry scarf is so classic, so timeless, and so beautiful. I hope that I've given you some inspiration on how you can style yours. There are lots of different ways you can wear it, so play around, experiment, and have fun!

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