DIY Flower Choker

1 Material
5 Minutes

Make yourself this stunning fashion accessory to wear in just a couple of minutes.

You need a satin or chiffon scarf that matches your outfit and these instructions. No one will believe you made this yourself and how simple it was.

Tools and materials:

  • Square satin or chiffon scarf
Folding scarf

1. Fold

Fold the scarf in half diagonally.


2. Tie

Knot the two ends you’re holding together, as close to the corners as you can.


3. Loop

Hold the knot in one hand.

With the other hand lift one of the other two corners and pass it through the loop, crossing your hands as you do so.


Loop the knot over the wrist of your other hand.


4. Twist

Keeping the knot looped over your wrist, twist the two free corners around each other twice. 

Looping back

5. Loop back

Pass the first corner back through the loop one more time.


6. Pull

Pull on both ends, and like magic a flower will appear!

Tie the free ends around your neck and move the flower to the side or center front of your neck.

DIY flower choker

DIY flower choker

Adjust the flower “petals” if necessary. You can also make the tie wider or narrower so it flatters your neck. 

Such an easy, elegant way to upgrade an outfit! I’d love to know if you try this and what you think of it.

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Suggested materials:
  • Square satin or chiffon scarf

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