DIY Scarf Shirt

by Angie_Garcia
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5 Minutes

Do you have beautiful scarfs that are so big you rarely wear them? Instead of wrapping them around your neck try tying them around your body!

This top is perfect for going out at night. Summer is around the corner and in Texas the weather gets HOT outside so this small top is nice. I recommend doing this look with highwaisted pants or biker shorts like the ones I'm wearing because it gives it a more casual look instead of too revealing.

Here is a side view

Here's the back (you can see I'm wearing a white bandeau because it is day time but if I were wearing this to the bars I would likely not wear anything underneath)

Step one

Lay your scarf out flat

Step two

Fold the scarf in half to have a triangle shape

Step three

Fold the top over so the top has more fabric. This is more important because you want more fabric layering the top half that goes over your breast

Step four

Grab the excess fabric in the back and tie a knot

This is how the front looks

And here's how cute it is in the end!

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