How to Tie a Vintage 1940's Hair Scarf

Evelyn Wood
by Evelyn Wood

In this style tutorial, I'm going to show you how to tie your hair scarf in a very classic 1940s style that gives off a Rosie the Riveter, "we can do it!" kind of vibe. When you see someone wearing a scarf like this, you might think that the look is difficult to achieve, but I'm going to break it down step-by-step, and you'll see how easy this look really is.

tie a scarf

Put your hair in a hairnet

We're going to be tying the scarf in a turban style, and my top trick for keeping your hair in place underneath the scarf is wearing a hairnet. This will keep your hair from slipping out the bottom; there is nothing worse than that when you're styling a turban. If you have particularly long hair, you'll want to tie it up in, and you can use a wig cap. A perm cap does the job for shorter hair. The hairnet doesn't have to cover all of your hair; you can, of course, keep some of your hair out at the front, as I have done, which will be on show when you put the scarf on.

How to tie a vintage scarf

Fold the scarf

Take a large square scarf and fold it down from the top. You don't want to fold it in half completely (as you can see in the picture). If your scarf is not the same on both sides, you want the good sides to face each other.

Tie a vintage scarf

Place it on your head

Put the scarf around the back of your head, with the folded side facing your head. Pull the middle bit of the scarf through and tie a knot. 

Vintage scarf style

Tuck the middle bit

Take the middle bit that you have flapping around at the front, and simply tuck it into the side of the scarf. There is a little pocket in the scarf there.

Style a vintage scarf

Tie into a bow

Now tie the tails into a bow. Before you pull it too tight, you need to arrange all of the parts of the bow. I like to put the tails at the back so that they’re facing away from my head. Then pull out the loops, and there you go! 

And there we have the finished look, doesn't it look gorgeous! I always like to put a few bobby pins at the front and the back to give me some extra security and make sure that the scarf doesn't slide around. Otherwise, because you have that hair net underneath, all of your hair will stay in place quite well. I guarantee that this scarf style will make you look and feel fabulous!

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