Make a Cottage Core Hair Scarf!

by Sally
1 Material
25 Minutes

If you’re in love with the 2021 cottage core trend, you’ll definitely want to try this project! This hair bandana is easy to make and in a cute cotton lawn will match your knitwear and prairie dresses beautifully.

You will need 50cm of cotton lawn and a sewing machine /supplies

Fold the fabric diagonally so that the two sides meet. Measure 45cm along the diagonal and cut up from the bottom selvedge to that point, creating a square

Cut the square in half diagonally leaving you with a triangle.

We’re going to make a baby hem by sewing a line of long stitching 3mm in from the edge.

Using the stitching as a guide, fold and press the edge. Fold and press again.

Stitch along this folded edge to create the narrow baby hem. Repeat for the other short edge.

Cut a strip of fabric 80cm x 4cm from your fabric, along the grain. This is your binding piece. To save fabric, you can also cut smaller pieces then stitch them together at the short edges.

Fold and press the binding in half, then fold the edges in towards the centre fold by 8mm. Press. This is your binding piece.

Line one edge of the binding up with the diagonal raw edge, leaving an equal amount of binding at the sides (these will be the ties). Stitch.

Press the edge up towards the binding then fold the binding down, encasing the raw edges. Pin in place and stitch

Continue pinning to the ends of the binding. At the end, fold the raw edges inwards so that they are enclosed. Edge stitch the binding.

And your cottage core hair scarf is complete! You can tie the ends comfortably under your hair and you’re ready to go!

Suggested materials:
  • Cotton lawn   (Pretty Mercerie)

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