That’s a Wrap!

by Alliwears

It doesn’t even matter that it’s the dead of winter on the East Coast. I’m always cold, regardless. But there’s almost nothing I love more than a larger-than-life blanket scarf this time of year. And if it’s flannel and not scratchy like this one then I’m going to live in it. As evidenced in the following photo series. How many times do you wrap your scarf? For me it all depends on the level of warmth and cozy I’m looking for.

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I’ll call this the no wrap. For mild weather and an outfit that I’m not upset to fully cover then I’m just going to drape it around my neck and call it a day. In this case the scarf is the outfit. And if you’ve got a print and color combination this perfect then honestly, who cares what else you have going on?

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Above we have featured the single wrap around the neck. The scarf is still the focal point but you can definitely see a little more of my body and appreciate this amazing sweater ($19.99 linked!) more.

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Finally, I’ve wrapped this blanket scarf around me twice. Achieving the ultimate level of warmth and coziness. You can see the details of my outfit better with this method, and you’re going to feel so warm, snug and secure.

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