How to Make an Easy DIY Wrap Dress You Can Wear Different Ways

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Have you been looking at how to sew a wrap dress for beginners? Here’s an easy wrap dress sewing pattern that uses your own blouse, straight stitching, and basic cutting so you can make a DIY wrap dress that looks beautiful.

This wrap dress is a 2-in-1 with a simple sheath dress and a wrap skirt that goes on top so you’re not worried about gaping at the bosom or bottom if it’s not tied perfectly tight.

Let’s get started with this tutorial on how to make a wrap dress.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric - 2½-3 yards of 60” width
  • Your own loose-fitting blouse
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Safety pin
Making the pattern for the wrap dress

1. Make the pattern

Fold the fabric in half. Lay your own well-fitting loose-fit blouse to serve as a template, folded in half with the fold of the blouse laying right on top of the fold of the fabric.

Use your measuring tape and mark the fabric 11 inches down from the top for the armhole, in line with your blouse. 

Measuring the width

Measure your desired width, making sure the top isn’t too tight. 

Measuring the length

Measure your desired length. Here I’ve marked 45 inches.

Marking the sleeve width

On the other side of the fabric mark down 11 inches for the sleeve width.

Joining the armhole to the sleeve width

Join the armhole to the sleeve width and mark.

Joining the armhole to the sleeve length

Then join the armhole to the length and mark. Draw a small curve under the armhole.

Cutting out the DIY dress pattern

Carefully cut out the dress pattern. Pin the sides together. 

Measuring the neckline

At the top of the folded edge, measure 7 inches for the neckline and mark.

How to make a DIY wrap dress pattern

Cut a small slit to mark the neckline.

Cutting out the front and back pieces

Lay your pinned piece on top of another piece of folded fabric as a pattern. Cut out a mirror piece. Mark at the neckline to measure 7 inches on the second piece. 

Pinning the side seams

Open up the patterns and place them right sides together. Pin the sides of the dress. Pin the shoulders up to the neck point to mark the neck width.

Making the wrap skirt pattern

2. Make the wrap skirt pattern

Fold another piece of fabric in half. Measure your desired length. In this tutorial, I measured 46 inches. Cut the piece out. Fold the fabric in the other direction.

Measuring the wrap skirt

On the open edge, measure down 15 inches and mark.

Drawing a curve and cutting it out

At about 3 inches from the top, draw a slight curve down to the 15 inch mark. Carefully cut this piece out. Place to the side for now.

Sewing up the sleeve seams

3. Sew up the dress

Begin sewing at the inner sleeve seam down around the curve through the end of the side seams on both sides. 

Hemming the sleeves

With just the inner sleeve seam sewn, hem the sleeve with a ½-inch single fold. 

Hemming the neckline

Hem the neckline with a ⅛-inch double fold around the entire neckline.

Stitching up the shoulders to the neckline

After those are done, stitch up both shoulders up to the neckline.

Doing a ½-inch double-fold hem

Double fold the hem at ½-inch to finish.

Hemming the wrap skirt

4. Hem the wrap skirt

Hem the entire skirt pattern all the way around by double folding and hemming at ¼ inch.

Making a belt for the DIY wrap dress

5. Make the belt

Cut a piece of fabric 4 inches wide and 20 inches long. Fold in half with the right sides together, leaving one short end open. Sew up as close to the edge as possible. Turn the tie inside out with a safety pin. 

Folding the belt in half

6. Sew up the wrap skirt

Fold the belt in half, cutting on the fold so each piece is about 10 inches long.

Pinning the belt ties to the skirt

Pin the open end of each tie to the top corners of the skirt. Sew in place.

Wrapping the skirt around the waist

7. How to wear the dress

Put the dress on and take the wrap skirt and wrap it around your waist. 

Styling the easy-sew wrap dress

How to make a wrap dress
How to style the DIY wrap dress

How to sew a wrap dress for beginners

You can wear it in many different ways.

DIY wrap dress tutorial

Please let me in the comments which look is your favorite and if you’ve made the dress!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric - 2½-3 yards of 60” width
  • Your own loose-fitting blouse
  • Scissors
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  • Ellyn Ellyn on Feb 23, 2022

    Love this dress & skirt! What type of fabric did you use? I think this is a timeless style and appropriate for any age. My granddaughter will be staying with me this summer and I thought this would be a good project for us both to make. I've been sewing for more years than I will admit and she's a beginner but I think this is easy enough for her to follow. Thanks!