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Ok, this is a simple and basic wrap top and it’s pretty easy to sew. But, what’s not so basic about it is that you can wear it 7 different ways! It’s literally a 7 in 1 wrap top that can take your outfits to a whole new level. The best part about this versatile DIY wrap top is that it can be styled so uniquely, no one would even know you only own one wrap top. So, follow us as we show you how to sew a wrap top and style it, too.

Tools and materials:

  • Spandex fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Marker
DIY wrap top

Multi-way wrap top tutorial

Make the pattern

Basically, this basic wrap top is a long piece of material. To make the pattern, cut your fabric according to the measurements above. You’ll need two pieces, with the shorter ends having different measurements. 


You can slightly adjust the measurements so that it fits your body type. 

Make a wrap top

Transfer the pattern onto the fabric and mark all the points with chalk. 

How to make a wrap top

Carefully cut out the pattern. 

Sew a wrap top

Now that the one side is complete, repeat the same for the second layer. 

How to sew a wrap top

Next, make the straps of the top. Follow the easy pattern above. Remember, the longer the straps, the more fabric you have to wrap around your body. 

Easy wrap top

Now that you have your straps go ahead and make the string. Cut out a one-inch wide strip. The length is around 50 inches. 

Basic wrap top

These are the total pieces you should have. 

Simple wrap top

Assemble the wrap top

Lay out your triangular patterns and with a pin, connect the short ends of the triangle pieces to the ends of the straps. 

wrap top tutorial

Next, sew both pieces to secure them in place. 

Then, cut the excess fabric from the seams. 

Hem the edges to make the whole wrap top look neat and professional. 

Make a tunnel for the drawstring

For the broader points of the triangular pieces, make two-piece tunnel sections. This will be for the drawstring. Cut two pieces that are 1-inch wide and 7 inches long. 

Place each strip ½ an inch from the bottom of the triangular pieces. Pin two rows on each piece; this will give the areas a nice lettuce effect. 

Now stitch the two rows, using the pins as a guide. 

Make the drawstring

Get your strip and fold it in half. Sew the edge with a straight stitch until you reach the edge. 

Then, turn the string inside out using a safety pin. 

Lastly, feed the string through each tunnel on both sides. 

Here’s your multi-way wrap top. Super easy and cute, right? Now it’s time for the fun part! We’re going to show you 10 fabulous ways to wear this basic wrap top. 

Style guide- Ways to wear your DIY wrap top

To see how I wear the wrap top for each style, make sure to watch the wrap top tutorial video from 6:04 minutes. 

Wrap top style 1

Wrap top style 2

Wrap top style 3

Wrap top style 4

Wrap top style 5

Wrap top style 6

Wrap top style 7

Suggested materials:
  • Spandex fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
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