The Art of Tying and Wearing Your Hermès Scarf

Can you imagine a scarf that comes with its own tying instructions? How cool that would be! Well, that scarf does exist, and it's from Hermes and called 'Instructions Sur L'Art de Neuer et Porter Votre carré Hermès,' the literal translation of which is ‘the art of time and wearing your Hermes scarf.’

We will look in detail at some of the illustrations on the scarf in this tutorial, and I will highlight five of the methods.

Instructions Sur L'Art de Neuer et Porter Votre carré Hermès

Instructions Sur L'Art has only ever been produced in either blue or red, and it's 70 centimeters (27.5 inches) square. Let’s start styling our scarf.

Style 1 - Simple knot

Tying a knot with a scarf

Step 1 - Make a knot

Create a band with the scarf and place it over your neck. Then tie the two sides into a knot. 

Tying a second knot

Step 2 - Tie a second knot

Place one side over the other as shown, and then tie a second knot. Adjust the ends so that they fall nicely.

Simple knotted scarf style

This look is so simple and elegant, and as you can see, the picture on the left is an image from the scarf itself.

Style 2 - Side tie

Asymmetric knotted scarf style

This next style is exactly the same as the first, only this time, the scarf is positioned at the side of the neck instead of in the center for a more asymmetrical look.

Style 3 - Men’s tie

Tying a knot with the scarf

Step 1 - Tie a knot

Start by tying a knot in the middle of the scarf.

Positioning the scarf

Step 2 - Position the scarf

Place the knot in front of your neck, then leave one side of the scarf hanging down like a tie and bring the other side around your neck. Finish by tucking the end into the knot.

Feminine men's tie scarf style

This is a feminine version of a men’s tie.

Style 4 - Circle scarf

Folding the scarf into a band

Step 1 - Fold the scarf

Fold the scarf into a band and then fold it in half widthways.

Tucking one side in

Step 2 - Tuck one side in

Place the scarf around your neck and pull only one side through the loop as shown.

Tying the ends of the scarf

Step 3 - Tie the ends

Tie the other end with the one that you just put through the loop with a double knot. Then tuck the knot under the scarf.

Tucking in the ends

I love how simple and minimal this style is.

Style 5 - Tucked scarf

Tying the scarf

Step 1 - Tie the scarf

Fold the scarf into a band and place it over your neck, with one side slightly longer than the other. Then cross the longer side over the shorter one, bring it up through the middle, and tie a knot.

Widening the top layer

Step 2 - Tuck it in

Then all you need to do is widen the top layer of the scarf out and tuck it into your top.

The art of tying and wearing your Hermès scarf

And here is what it looks like.

The art of tying and wearing your Hermès scarf

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing five different ways to style a scarf, courtesy of the scarf itself!

The Instructions Sur L'Art de Neuer et Porter Votre carré Hermès scarf has many more illustrations on it, so if you’re a scarf lover, I definitely recommend buying this scarf and trying out all the other ways to style it.

Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

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