Avocado Hair Mask: 5 Amazing Recipes for Healthy Hair Naturally

Avocados are not only one of the most delicious fruit ever but also nourishing for the hair. Today, I will break down the Avocado Hair mask recipe and why it’s so famous that even the rap queen Cardi B uses this recipe not only for her own hair but on her daughter Kulture’s hair. Avocados are delicious, a perfect source of Biotin, and laden with many other nutrients, the texture, and profile of this fruit are amazing. While one takes some time to develop the taste of this fruit, at least that was the case for me, you can definitely try this on your hair as a mask. Avocados are rich in Vit E, an antioxidant that promotes healthy hair.

While consuming the fruit will bring you all kinds of health benefits, putting this on your hair will bring instant effect. If you are looking for natural ways to condition your hair, this will definitely work for you. Avocado- the superfood of the decade, is filled with fatty acids, like oleic acid and palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. It contains diverse nutrients that help maintain the health of the hair and restore its former shine. This mask will nourish your hair and add volume and definition to hair. I tried this recipe to revive my postpartum hair, and this has definitely worked for me and I am sure it will turn out great for you too.

Avocado Hair Mask Benefits:

Ultra Hydrating — These masks deeply hydrate and condition your hair. If your hair is dry and damaged, this will hydrate your hair all the way from the roots to the tip. Avocado is rich in nutrients such as potassium and amino acids, and instantly rejuvenates and nourishes dry hair. When your hair dries, it becomes easier for your hair to break. When used in hair masks, avocado helps condition the hair, strengthens it from the roots, and nourishes it to the end.

Stimulates Hair GrowthAvocado hair mask stimulates hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy. A healthy scalp means healthy hair growth. This deep conditioner uses real fruit instead of oil. This is because fruits are rich in minerals and benefits that are lost when extracting oil from the fruit. Rich in biotin and vitamin D, this mask boosts hair growth.

De Frizzes Hair — This mask helps restore hair moisture and traps all nutrients. Moisturized hair resembles a smoother, glossier, and easier-to-handle mane. It promotes scalp health and is excellent at combating dandruff and other fungal diseases of the scalp. It instantly moisturizes the dry scalp and forms a natural barrier that protects the scalp from many inflammations. Healthier hair growth, also makes avocado a great growth promoter.

Protects against free radical damage UV, pollution, heat and free radical damage from styling products often damage hair irreparably. Avocado Hair Conditioner contains antioxidants that help protect the scalp and hair from free radical damage.

Reduces hair loss — A healthy scalp always means a more hostile environment for hair growth. Avocados help clear follicles, increase blood flow, and stimulate growth. This mask will leave your hair so smooth and untangled that you will not experience any breakage while combing. It’s been ages since my comb gently glided through my hair, what surprised me was that I had less hair on the brush and more hair on the scalp. Hair conditioning prevents hair damage, dryness, and split ends. Less hair on the brush and more hair on the scalp.

5 Avocado Hair Mask Recipes

For Dry and Damaged Hair

Blend half avocado with 1 tsp coconut oil, one egg, honey, and one banana. Washing avocado and banana chunks are quite hard, Blend until you get a thick creamy consistency, it should look like a hair conditioner. Apply this mask on your hair, Run it all the way through. Cover with a cotton shirt or shower cap and leave the mask on for 20 mins for deep conditioning. Rinse, shampoo, and condition as usual.

For Frizzy Hair

For this mask get a 1/2 Avocado, 1 tsp Olive oil, 1Tsp mayonnaise, and 2 Tsp Aloe vera gel. Blend all these elements together and lather this to your locks the same way as I mentioned above. Avocado moisturizes, mayonnaise is rich in amino acids and fatty acids, it will help hydrate the hair and soften the tresses. This mask will take your frizz away and leave you with soft, shiny, and hydrated hair.

You can use store-bought aloe gel or make one at home. Find out how here.

For intense Hair Growth

Blend avocado, and honey, add one tablespoon of olive oil to repair hair, and one whisked egg yolk to promote hair growth. Make a thick paste and apply to dry hair, cover with a plastic cap, and let sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition as usual.

Cardi B’s Recipe for Deep conditioning

None other than the rapper, Cardi B herself, made the recipe for this mask famous. She lauded this concoction as her miracle hair growth and restoring mask. Not only does she applies this mask on herself but on her daughter Kulture’s hair as well. To prepare this mask, you will require one avocado, honey, two eggs, argan oil, black castor oil, mayo, and a banana. Blend this mix- until it achieves the texture of your conditioner and smears it on your hair. Leave this on for 20 to 30 minutes and follow up with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Ultra Nourishing Mask

I like to call this mask ultra-nourishing and hydrating. Blend one avocado with 1Tsp coconut milk (I used canned), and 1tsp of coconut oil.

Find out what coconut oil does to your hair. Add more protein by adding one egg and 1tsp Greek yogurt for more strength. Put two to three drops of rosemary essential oil. Rosemary oil boosts hair growth. You can also add 1tsp honey. Honey is an excellent humectant, it retains moisture. You want this concoction to resemble the hair conditioner consistency. You do not want it to be runny. Lather hair and cover it up. Follow the same routine as mentioned above.

Check out this authentic South Indian Homemade Hair oil recipe for you all that is going to take away all your hair problems here.


All the masks have to be kept for 20-30 mins, covered with a shower cap or t-shirt. Rinse first then shampoo and condition as usual.

Just in case you don’t have any access to avocados, mix one part conditioner with half a part of avocado oil, aloe vera gel, and honey. Looks and works just as amazing.

Although these masks when blended right resembles a hair mask or conditioner, Thanks to the richness of avocado. The mask turns out so creamy and has a beautiful light shade of green which is so pleasing to look at. Trust me, these recipes will not disappoint you. Try them and give your Hair some restoration and love they deserve.


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