How to Do the "Upstairs Technique" - The Best Blush for Mature Skin

3 Materials
10 Minutes

Your face has changed since your 20s, 30s, and 40s, so your blush may need to change too. This tutorial is all about getting a glowy youthful look with your blush.

Follow along if you are over 50 to find out about the best colors of blush to choose, what type of blush to use on mature skin, and the best way to apply blush.

Tools and materials:

  • Powder blush palette
  • Small blush brush
  • Large blending brush
Where to apply blush for older women

1. Use the “upstairs technique”

Your cheeks are probably a bit lower than they used to be, but this “upstairs technique” will fool the eye into thinking they are higher than they really are. So, in this tutorial, you will focus on the “upstairs” of your cheek.

To find the right area for your blush, draw an imaginary line from the middle of your eye down to the bottom of your cheekbone, and then from the hollow of your cheek up to your ear. That area in front of your ear is where you will focus your blush.

Applying blush with a smaller brush

2. Apply first blush

Use a palette of powder blush that suits your skin. Use a smaller blush brush than you might have used in your younger years.

Start with a blush color from your palette that has a very slight shimmer. Dip your brush in and tap off the excess blush. Now, lightly apply the blush in soft circular motions to the “upstairs” area of your cheeks and blend it in.

Blending bronzer and blush together

3. Blend

Use a larger blending brush to further blend your blush. If you have already applied some bronzer to your face, use the same brush you used for the bronzer, because it will help to blend the blush with the bronzer.

Adding a second blush color

4. Add a second blush

Now add a peachy color blush to your smaller brush and apply it to the center part of your cheeks, over the blush you previously applied.

Once again, use your blending brush to blend it all in.

Best blush for mature skin

Best blush for mature skin tutorial

Can you see how your cheekbones now look lifted, giving you a more youthful appearance? Leave a comment to let us know how the “upstairs technique” for applying blush to your over-50 face worked out.

Suggested materials:
  • Powder blush palette
  • Small blush brush
  • Large blending brush

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