How to DIY Easy Black Glitter Dip Nails

9 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get gorgeous peekaboo black glitter dip nails with only dip powder and dip liquids—no gel! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Black glitter dip powder
  • Pink dip powder
  • Dip base coat
  • Nail stick
  • Masking tape/Nail brush
  • Ombre or eyeshadow brush
  • Clear dip powder
  • Activator
  • Top coat
Applying base coat

1. Apply a base coat

Push back your cuticles before applying a base coat to your nails.

Dipping nails

2. Dip

Immediately dip your nail into the powder. I’m using a gorgeous glitter powder that shifts into a ton of different colors.

Whenever you’re dipping glitter, pour it into either a dip cup or cupcake liner and lay your nail flat into it.

Removing excess powder

3. Remove the excess powder

Use a pointy stick to get cleaner edges and remove the excess powder from the skin.

Removing excess powder

You can also use a piece of masking tape to get rid of loose powder on top of the nail.

This will also help press down the glitter pieces.

Removing excess powder

A nail brush works well too.

Repeating dipping process

4. Repeat

Do these steps for every next except the ring and middle finger.

If you’re doing chunky glitter, you want to get the majority of your nails covered with the first layer and then pick up more chunky pieces on the second layer.

The powder we’re using is a medium glitter, so you can lay your nail flat both times and it should be able to lay down pretty thinly.

Applying base coat

5. Apply a clear base coat on the ring and middle finger

For the final two nails, we’re going to do a peekaboo-style design. Push back your cuticles and apply a base coat.

Tapping glitter on

6. Tap the glitter onto the bottom of the nail

Use an ombre brush or a small eyeshadow brush to tap the glitter at the bottom of your nail. I used both to get a nice combination. 

Cleaning up excess

7. Clean up the excess

Use the sharp stick to clean up the excess glitter.

Adding pink dip powder

8. Apply the pink dip powder to the nail

Pour the pink dip powder over the top of the nail. 

Adding pink dip powder

Use the ombre brush to tap the pink powder over the black glitter to create the ombre effect. Use the stick to clean up any excess.

Applying base coat

9. Apply the base coat and dip the glitter again

Apply the dip base coat back towards your cuticle and dip the bottom of your nail in the glitter again. 

Dipping nails

This will help the glitter pop without having to do another full layer of ombre.

Applying clear dip powder

10. Apply clear dip powder

Apply another base coat and then pour the clear dip powder over it.

Make sure the clear dip powder completely covers the glitter, so when you file and buff, you don’t accidentally bump into any of the glitter.

Do this process for all of your nails.

Applying activator

11. Apply the activator

Apply two layers of the activator over the clear dip powder and wait until it hardens. I found applying two layers helps it harden faster.

Applying top coat

12. Apply a top coat

Do any buffing and filing you need to, and then apply a final top coat over each nail.

If you want these ombre glitter dip nails to last a long time, make sure you cap your edges as well.

Black glitter dip nails

Black glitter dip nails

Here are the finished glitter dip nail designs! Do you prefer the entire glitter nail or the peekaboo nail?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Black glitter dip powder
  • Pink dip powder
  • Dip base coat
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