How to DIY a Cute and Easy Dip Nail Design

16 Materials
30 Minutes

After seeing cute swoop designs with gel nails, I had to try this out with a dip powder version using only dip liquids and powders.

Follow along with this easy dip nail design to get the look.

Tools and materials:

  • Protective gloves
  • Hand rest
  • Dip base coat
  • Multiple dip cups
  • Dip powder
  • Pointed nail tool
  • Nail brush
  • Metal cuticle pusher
  • Skinny masking tape
  • Bronze foil dip
  • Clear dip powder
  • Lint-free wipe
  • Electric nail file
  • Alcohol spray
  • Paper towel
  • Top coat
Applying dip liquid

1. Apply dip liquid

Apply the clear dip base to your nails.

2. Dip your ring and middle finger nails into silver shimmer

Pour silver shimmery dip powder into a dip cup. Then dip each finger into the powder. 

Dippingn nails

3. Clean up and fix

Tap off any excess powder or use a nail brush. Then use a pointed nail tool to clean the edges. 

Cleaning up

If you notice any gaps, apply another coat of clear polish and dip again. 

Applying clear polish

Push your cuticles if needed. 

Pushing cuticles

4. Make a swoop design on the ring finger nail

Rip off a piece of skinny masking tape and attach it to your nail to make a curved shape.

Making swoop design

Apply clear polish on the other side of the tape.

Making swoop design

Then dip your nail into the silver again.

Making swoop design

5. Apply gold foil dip to other nails

Apply a dip base to your thumb nail and dip it into the bronze foil dip, trying your best to keep it flat and pick up as much foil as you can. 

Adding gold foil

Use a piece of masking tape to press the foils down.

Pressing foils down

Clean the edges.

Pressing foils down

Repeat for your index finger.

Dipping nails

6. Add foil powder to the swoop design

Go back to the swoop design on the ring finger. Paint clear polish on the skinny part that had the tape on it before. 

Adding clear polish

Dip this into the foil powder.

Dipping nail

Brush off any loose pieces. 

Brushing nail

7. Apply the foil powder to your pinky nail

Apply a clear base to your pinky and dip it into the foil powder.

Applying clear polish

Use the pointed nail tool followed by a piece of masking tape to help push down the foil pieces.

Pushing foil down

8. Fix the swoop nail

If, like me, you got some of the foil powder on the silver section of your swoop nail, you can fix this now by applying clear polish to the silver section and adding another layer of silver powder.

Adding powder

9. Add a 2nd layer to the foil dip nails then spot treat with more foil

Apply more clear polish and a 2nd layer of foil dip to the solid, foil dipped nails.

On this layer, try to make sure that you get as many foils as possible. Then gently press them down. 

Dipping nails

Next, take a little bit of clear base and dab it on those nails in places where you could use more foil. Apply foils individually to those areas. 

Pressign down foil

10. Apply clear dip powder to silver nails

Apply clear gel to the silver nails and dip them into clear dip powder to seal them. Tip: After each nail, wipe off the brush on a lint-free wipe.

Applying dip powder

11. Apply clear dip powder to the swoop nail

For this nail, first apply the polish to the foil side, then repeat for the silver side. Then cover the nail with clear dip powder.

Applying dip powder

12. Activate the nails

Once you’ve treated all the nails with clear powder, make sure the layers are completely dry before brushing off the excess powder.

Brushing nails

Then apply a clear activator coat of polish to all nails.

Applying activator

13. Finishing touches

File the nails once they are dry.

Filing nails

Then file and shape with an electric nail file. 

Filing nails

Apply alcohol spray and wipe the nails with a paper towel.

Progress shot

Then apply a clear top coat to the nails. Be sure to follow the directions of the specific top coat brand you have. 

Applying top coat

Easy dip nail design

Easy dip nail design

Easy dip nail design

Thanks for joining me on this easy dip nail design! Next up, learn how to DIY Hailey Beiber-inspired Halloween bat nails.

Suggested materials:
  • Protective gloves
  • Hand rest
  • Dip base coat
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