How to DIY Easy Bridgerton-inspired Nails

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If you’ve been watching Bridgerton, then follow this tutorial! I am going to show you how to create Bridgerton-inspired nails using flower dip powder.

It takes a bit of time, because there are a few coats to do, but you will love the beautiful result!

Tools and materials:

  • Dip powder with flowers and foils
  • Activator liquid
  • Clear gel base and top coats
  • Clear dip
  • Nail sticks
  • Small plastic baggie
  • Small bowl or cupcake liner
Applying a base coat

1. Start with base coat

Apply a very thin clear base coat to your nails. 

Make sure you wipe the base coat brush on the inside of the bottle, so you get only a thin coat on your nails.

That will ensure that you only get a thin coat of dip, which is the objective. Too thick a dip coat will make your nails messy.

Applying dip powder

2. Dip your nail

Put some of your dip powder into a small bowl or cupcake liner. Then shake your powder a little, to get the flowers and foils to rise to the top. 

Now, while your base coat is still wet, dip your nail by laying it flat in the powder. 

Tap your finger to shake off any excess powder.

Applying dip powder

For my Bridgerton nails theme, I chose a powder with a very, very light purple base with flowers and some foils.

Pressing flowers and foils

Use a nail tool to press in the flowers and foils.

Pressing flowers and foils

Use the same nail tool to clean around the edges of your nail bed.


Repeat for each of your nails, going one at a time, so you’re always dipping a nail that still has a wet base coat.

Applying top coat

3. Do it all again

Repeat steps 1 and 2, so that you have two coats of base plus dip on each nail.

Adding foil

At any point, you can use your nail to grab a few extra flowers or foil out of the dip and place them in any sparsely covered spots on your nail. 

Tip: Dip your nail tool into a bit of the base polish before trying to pick up little bits of flowers or foil. It will make the transfer much easier! 

Once you’re happy with your dip coverage, use a small soft nail brush to brush off any excess powder.

Applying activator

4. Apply activator

Apply activator to your nails by dabbing in, not rubbing it.

Pressing nail

Then, use a small piece of plastic, like a little baggie to press down on your nails.

That is how you will get the flowers to sit nice and flat on your nails.

Applying base coat

 Apply another layer of clear base coat.

Dipping nail

Then, pour on clear dip powder, and apply activator one more time.

5. Finish with a gel coat

Finally, wipe off your nails with a bit of isopropyl, and finish with a clear gel base and gel top coat.

DIY Bridgerton nails

DIY Bridgerton nails

Here are my finished Bridgerton nails. Each nail is a bit different, and together they look fantastic. 

Leave a comment to let me know if you tried this flower dip manicure and how you liked it.

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Suggested materials:
  • Dip powder with flowers and foils
  • Activator liquid
  • Clear gel base and top coats
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