How to DIY Cute and Easy Plaid Nails for Fall

by NailsXAri
11 Materials
30 Minutes

Follow along to create plaid, fall-inspired nails with me. You’ll love the look of this press on nail set for its fall vibes! Let's get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Protective gloves and mask 
  • Ballerina shaped press on nail set and stand
  • Gel base coat
  • Gel polish: dark green, brown-gray, light pink, champagne holographic sparkle, black
  • Nail lamp
  • White gel polish liner
  • Mixing paper
  • Long striping brush 
  • Assorted nail charms
  • Nail adhesive
  • Rhinestone pickup tool
  • Buffer block
Applying base coat

1. Apply a base coat

Start by applying a clear gel base coat to the nails.

2. Paint the thumb nails green

Apply green polish to the thumb nails.

Painting nails

3. Paint the middle and ring finger nails 

Paint the middle finger nails a gray-brown color.

Painting nails

Then paint the ring finger nails the same green color.

Painting nails

4. Paint the index and pinky finger nails and cure

Use a light pink shade to paint the index fingers. 

Painting nails

Then use a holographic champagne glitter gel to paint the pinky fingers.

Apply a few layers for the best coverage. Then cure all the nails.

Painting nails

5. Apply a 2nd layer

Paint a 2nd layer on all the nails. Then cure. 

Painting nails

6. Create French tips

Paint a V shape on the pink nails with white liner gel. 

Creating French tip

Then fill in with white to complete the French tip shape. 

Creating French tip

7. Create plaid nails

Make a plaid pattern on the middle finger nails.

Start by drawing a thick white line down the center and one across it. 

Creating plaid design

Pour a small amount of black gel polish on a mixing paper. Then, pick some up on a long striping brush to outline the white vertical line.

Be extra careful because it can be hard to remove black from the white base.

Creating plaid design

Paint a thin line down the middle.

Creating plaid design

Outline the horizontal line.

Creating plaid design

Paint a black stripe in the center of the horizontal and then cure the nail.

Progress shot

8. Add details to tie in the colors of the set

Apply green gel to the paper and add a horizontal line toward the tip of the nail.

Adding detail

Then outline the French tip shape.  


Add some stripes to the plaid nail with the champagne sparkle.

Adding sparkle

9. Apply a top coat

Apply a top coat to the nails.

Once dry, if any are too thick, use a buffer to gently fix that.

Applying top coat

10. Add charms

Use nail adhesive and a rhinestone pickup tool to attach charms that match the set.

I recommend wearing a mask since the fumes are strong. 

Adding charms

Here is the finished look:

Plaid fall nails

Plaid fall nails

 Plaid fall nails 

I hope you loved these plaid fall nails! If so, leave a comment.

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Suggested materials:
  • Protective gloves and mask
  • Ballerina shaped press on nail set and stand
  • Gel base coat
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