How to DIY Cute and Easy Pop Art Nails

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In this tutorial, I am making a set of pop nail art press-on false nails.

I am doing this design using one of my favorite gel polish brands. Of course, if you have gorgeous natural nails, you can skip the press-on nails, and do this easy pop art nail art directly on your own nails.

This pop nail art is great if you want trendy designs, but you aren’t great at freehand design-drawing.

Tools and materials:

  • Clear gel base coat
  • Gel nail polish is bold color
  • White gel nail polish
  • Clear gel top coat
  • Thin stripe brush for nails
  • Medium stripe brush for nails
  • Long-length press-on nails (optional)
  • UV lamp
Applying base coat

1. Start with base coat

Apply a clear base coat to your nails, and cure for 60 seconds under your UV lamp.

Gel polish

2. Add gel polish

Use a soak-off UV gel polish in your favorite color for your next coat. I’ve chosen bright pink.

Applying gel polish

Apply two coats, and cure for 60 seconds after each coat. 

Tip: Try to get a very even coat of color, without letting the cuticle areas, side-walls, or tips of your nails get too built up with pooled polish.

Adding lines

3. Create your nail art design

Use a long, thin, striping brush to outline your entire nail in black gel polish. 

Cure the outline polish for 60 seconds.

Adding white paint

Now use a thicker striping brush to create two slightly curved lines with white gel polish.

These lines are supposed to look like reflections of light on your nail.

Applying top coat

4. Finish with top coat

Apply a fairly thick clear gel top coat to smooth out the nail surface and finish off your pop nail art. 

Let your nail cure for 60 seconds.

DIY pop art nails

DIY pop art nails

Here is the full set of pop-art designed nails, ready to press on whenever I need them. 

You can use any color, or do different colors on each nail. The bright neon colors enhance the image of light reflection in the nail art. 

If you give this a try, please leave a comment to let me know what color you picked, and how your pop nail art turned out!

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Suggested materials:
  • Clear gel base coat
  • Gel nail polish is bold color
  • White gel nail polish
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