How to DIY Cute and Easy Yellow Summer Nails

by NailsXAri
12 Materials
40 Minutes

If you want some beautiful summer yellow nails, then follow this tutorial, and learn how to make my bright, glittery summer nail design!

Of course, you can use any colors, glitter, or bling that you like, but I think these yellow-themed nails scream summer!

Tools and materials:

  • Nude pink gel polish
  • Deeper pink gel polish
  • Yellow/orange gel polish
  • White gel polish
  • Clear base and top coat
  • Builder gel
  • Decorative glitter
  • Decorative rhinestones
  • Nail glue dryer spray
  • Glitter applicator tool
  • UV lamp
  • False nails (optional)
Applying base coat

1. Base coat

Apply clear base coat to your nails.

Applying base coat

2. Add gel polish color

Apply a thin layer of nude pink gel polish to your nails. 

Cure your nails under a UV lamp.

Appling gel polish

I found the nude pink a little too light for my liking, so I applied a second coat of polish using a deeper pink tone.

Cure again under your UV lamp.

Appling gel polish

3. Add glitter

To prepare your glitter shapes, you may want to gently fold each glitter piece so that it lies flat against your nail. 

Apply a coat of clear base coat to your nail.

Adding glitter pieces

Use a stick tool to place your glitter pieces on top of your uncured base coat.

Adding glitter pieces

Be generous with your glitter! 

Cure your nail under your UV lamp.

Adding glitter pieces

Apply a generous coat of builder gel over your cured nail.

Make sure that your glitter, and the sides of your nails are fully coated, but not lumpy. 

Tip: I add a bit of base coat to my builder gel to make it a little easier to apply. 

Cure again under your UV lamp.

Adding more color

4. Add more color

You could stop there, but I want even more! 

I mixed some orange and white gel polish together to get a shade just a bit lighter than my glitter hearts.

Creating French tips

5. Create French tips with the “A” method

Using your colored polish, create a letter “A” on your nail, with the point of the “A” at the tip of your nail.

Creating French tips

Then, round out the corners of your “A”.

Creating French tips

Fill in the sides.

Creating French tips

And fill in the middle of the “A”.

Creating tiger-stripe design

6. Create a tiger-stripe design

For my last nail, I made small dash marks along both sides of my nail in a tiger-stripe design, using the light orange gel polish.

Creating tiger-stripe design

Then I added some white dashes between the orange ones.

Creating tiger-stripe design

Finally, I filled in the spaces with gold glitter dashes.

Adding rhinestones

Add some clear base coat to your tiger-striped nail, and apply some rhinestone bling down the middle.

Nail glue dryer

Apply some nail glue dryer spray to the rhinestoned nail.

Adding top coat

7. Top coat

Apply clear top coat on all your nails. 

Cure under your UV lamp.

DIY yellow summer nails

DIY yellow summer nails

Here is the whole set, glammed up and ready for summer! 

If you decide to try this summer nail design, leave a comment to let me know how it turned out!

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Suggested materials:
  • Nude pink gel polish
  • Deeper pink gel polish
  • Yellow/orange gel polish
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