How to DIY Cute French Tip Sweater Nails for Fall

by NailsXAri
5 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, we’re leaning hard into the Fall season with gorgeous French tip sweater nails! Let's get into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Gel polish
  • Detail brushes
  • Base coat
  • Glossy or matte top coat
  • Clear acrylic powder
Applying base coat

1. Apply the base coat

Apply a thin layer of your base color to each nail. After curing, add a second layer to the nails.

Applying base coat

Here’s the color I’m using. It’s a deeper, dark nude color which will make for a gorgeous background for these cable knit sweater nails.

Outlining French tip

2. Outline the French tip

Using a long and thin detail brush, outline the French tip using a dark purple color.

The French tip should span from the bottom edge of each side of the nail and meet towards the center.

Outlining French tip

Run your brush along the sides as well so it’s easier to fill in.

Filling in tip

3. Fill it in

Once you’re happy with the shape, use the original brush that came with the polish to fill it in.

This color is so pigmented, you won’t even need to go over it with two coats.

Painted nails

4. Repeat with the rest of the nails

For this look, you can go completely monochrome with a singular color or you can make each nail a different color.

I’m testing out these gorgeous fall colors, so I painted each nail differently.

Each color works incredibly well together, and they give off the most seasonal-appropriate vibes.

Cure the nails after painting.

Applying top coat

5. Apply a matte top coat

Apply a matte top coat to the nails.

After I finished the nail set, I added a shiny top coat to the base of the nail, but for now, I’m going completely matte.

You can choose either one.

Adding dashed lines

6. Draw dashed lines on the center of the nail

To get started with the sweater nail design, start by creating a line of dashes in the center of the nails. I did three dashes on each side. 

Connecting dashes

7. Connect the dashes

Connect the top of the dash with the bottom of the dash above it but on the opposite side.

Drawing lines

8. Draw two solid lines

Draw two thicker, solid lines beside the dashes.

Drawing dashed lines

9. Draw dashed lines to the edge

Draw dashes out from the sides to the edge of the nails. They should slant slightly at an angle.

Sweater design

10. Draw the sweater design on every nail

Repeat this process for every nail.

Make sure you’re using the same gel polish you used for the color, and don’t cure the nails.

Adding acrylic powder

11. Cover the nails in acrylic powder and cure

Pour clear acrylic powder over the uncured gel polish, and make sure it is fully coated. 

Brushing off excess powder

Brush off the excess powder, and then cure the nails under a UV lamp for a full 60 seconds.

French tip sweater nails

French tip sweater nails

Here are the finished French tip sweater nails after I applied the glossy top coat on the bottom.

They’re so gorgeous, and the sweater design is perfect for the cold weather.

Let me know which of these fall colors is your favorite in the comments below!   

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Suggested materials:
  • Gel polish
  • Detail brushes
  • Base coat
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