10 Everyday Blackpink Hairstyles: Lisa, Jennie, Rosé & Jisoo Looks

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You don’t have to be a Blink to try these Blackpink hairstyles! If you’re anything like me and you’ve had your hair in the same style for the past 5-6 years, rarely experiment with it, and are just getting bored of your hair like I am, then this Blackpink hairstyle tutorial is perfect for you.

I’ll choose two or three hairstyles from each member that you can try, so let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Curling iron
  • Hair ties
  • Heat protectant
  • Hats 
  • Hair clips
  • Brush/comb

Blackpink Lisa hairstyles

Lisa Blackpink hairstyles

1. Space buns

First up, we have Miss Lalisa! Start with a middle part.

Pulling out the front pieces of hair

If you don’t have full bangs like Lisa, pull out the front pieces of your hair and put the rest of your hair back.

Combing hair into two high pigtails

Comb your hair up into two high pigtails. Lisa's buns are quite high up, so I'm going quite high too. Secure with a hair tie.

Twist and wrap hair into space buns

Twist and wrap the hair into a bun. Secure with a hair tie - I used a slimmer one for this. Repeat on the other side.

Lisa Blackpink space bun hairstyle

Here’s the finished hairstyle. I love this style, but I've never tried it on my own hair before.

2. Xtreme pony

Brushing hair up into a high ponytail

Leave your front pieces of hair out and brush your hair up into a high pony. You’ll know the ponytail is high enough when you can see the bump at the top. Tie off with two hair ties for maximum security. 

Lisa Blackpink high ponytail hairstyle

Here’s the finished hairstyle! This is a classic Lisa high pony. I also added clip-on bangs to get the full effect.

Blackpink Jennie hairstyles

Parting hair in the middle

1. French braid

Start with a middle part and pull out your baby hairs.

French braiding hair from the top of the head

Grab two sections at the front and one towards the top of your head. French braid down and secure with a hair tie.

Blackpink Jennie braid hairstyle

Here’s the finished hairstyle! This feels very Lara-Croft inspired. I quite like the messy look. This would look great with hair extensions too.

2. Baby braids

Creating baby braid either side of the face

Do a middle part. Then, take two small sections from the front of your hair and braid down. Secure each braid with a hair tie.

Blackpink Jennie hairstyle tutorial

Here’s the finished hairstyle! This literally took two minutes. All I need are some baggy shorts and a matching sweatshirt, and I'm ready to go.

Blackpink Rosé hairstyles

Combing hair and applying pressure

1. In the air pony

I couldn't do a Blackpink hair tutorial without including a Rosé ponytail. One thing that makes a signature Rosé pony is the straight hairline.

Comb down one side of your middle part and apply a lot of pressure.

Pulling out baby hairs

Using your comb, bring out a few hairs and press down really hard to get those Rosé baby hairs.

Creating a clean hairline in the front

It should create a clean line in the front like this.

Blackpink Rosé hairstyle tutorial

Put the rest of your hair up into a ponytail. Secure with a hair tie.

Blackpink Rosé ponytail

Here’s the finished hairstyle!

2. Bubble pony

Adding rubber elastics to make a bubble ponytail

This is an extension of the previous tutorial. All you need to do is stagger small, rubber elastics down the ponytail to create the bubble effect.

Tugging on the bubbles to make them fuller

Gently tug on the bubbles to make them fuller.

Bubble ponytail Blackpink Rosé hairstyle

Here’s the finished hairstyle!

3. Half braids

Creating a diagonal part

Do a diagonal part.

Braiding a section of hair in four braids

Do four braids against the scalp in the parted section, and secure with a hair tie once you reach the base.

Blackpink Rosé hair braids

Here’s the finished hairstyle! My hair is quite dark, so you may not be able to see all the detail. I think this would look great if you have balayage or multiple colors in your hair.

Blackpink Jisoo hairstyles

Blackpink Jisoo hairstyle tutorial

1. Hat glam

Jisoo is my hair soul sister! We both don't like to experiment too much, so her hairstyles are super easy. Do a simple braid on one side of your hair.

Curling sections of hair

Then, use a curling iron to curl the other side of your hair, then brush it out.

Wearing a hat as a hair accessory

Finally, throw on a hat! Here’s the finished hairstyle!

2. Simple accessory 

Adding a clip to hair

Put your hair down into a middle part and add a clip.

Blackpink Jisoo hairstyle with a clip

Here’s the finished hairstyle! Add a clip and suddenly, you're a new person! Clark Kent, glasses on!

3. Mermaid waves

Applying heat protectant

We’re going to curl our hair so start by applying a heat protectant.

Curling hair around the curling wand

Working section by section, curl your hair around the curling wand instead of clamping it in. Make sure to leave a small bit of the hair free at the end.

Blackpink Jisoo curled hairstyle

Here’s the finished hairstyle! 

Blackpink hairstyles

That marks the end of the Blackpink hairstyle tutorials! If you liked it, let me know which member and hairstyle is your favorite in the comments down below. Thanks for joining.

Suggested materials:
  • Curling iron
  • Hair ties
  • Heat protectant
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