How to Make a DIY Backless Silk Top Out of a Gucci-inspired Scarf

by Somethingflava
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In this tutorial, I will show you how to take a silk scarf and make a Gucci-inspired reversible backless shirt for the summer. If you’d like to learn how to make a backless top, then keep reading for details!

Tools and materials:

  • Silk scarf
  • Paper towel
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric clips
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
Gucci-style silk scarf

Cutting the back straps

1. Cut the back straps

I thought the border around the top would make for perfect straps. If you also have a border, take the bottom edge and fold it over. Hold it down with fabric clips or anything heavy. Then, cut along the folded edge. 

DIY back tie

This is the strap you’ll use to tie around your back. 

Cutting the neck straps

2. Cut the neck straps

Now, do the same for the neck straps. Cut a straight line across the top end of the scarf. 

Sewing the straps with the paper towel method

3. Sew the straps

Take both straps and fold them in half right sides facing. Then sew a zigzag stitch all along the edge.

Silk is tough to work with, especially when it comes to cutting and sewing. I did a paper towel method (as shown above). Put a paper towel underneath your fabric, so your machine won’t eat it up. Once done, simply rip off the paper towel. 

Flipping them right sides out

Once both ties are sewn, go ahead and flip them right sides out. Take a safety pin and place it on one end. Slide it through the tube to get to the otherside and pull it out. Then, flatten everything, including the sides. 

Finishing the straps

Next, finish off the straps by doing a straight stitch all the way down. 

Straps for the DIY silk top

Boom! We’ve got some nice, professional-looking straps. 

Snipping the center of the straps

Fold each strap in half and snip the center so that you have 4 equal-length pieces. 

How to make a silk scarf top

Cutting the scarf in a diamond shape

4. Cut the backless top pattern

I originally cut my top in the shape of a diamond, but it didn’t work out (you’ll see me fixing it later). If you do want a diamond shape, make sure to make the top part extra wide.

Cutting the scarf on the fold

Once you’ve got your front piece, use that to cut out the back pattern (on the fold). I made mine so that the back of the top has just the “G” for Gucci, and the front has the iconic red and green stripes. 

Assembling the backless top

5. Assemble the backless top

Take your back piece with the right sides facing up and lay your straps accordingly (sides and neck area). 

Sandwiching the straps in the middle

Place your front piece right side facing the back pieces with the straps sandwiched in the middle. 

Sewing the silk scarf top

Then, sew all the way around. 

Seam ripping the straps

At this point, I realized my top didn’t fit me. So, I started seam ripping all of my straps out. 

Folding over the top edge of the scarf

To make the shirt fit, I folded over the top edge (to make it wider) and cut out that piece. 

Sandwiching the straps

Now, sandwich your strap inside again. 

Placing the neck ties

Ensure to put the two neck ties by the top corners of the hole. 

Sewing around the edges

Sew around the edges. 

Leaving a gap to turn the top right sides out

Leave a gap to flip the backless top right sides out. 

DIY scarf top tutorial

When turning the top, poke the edges with your fingers to ensure everything lays flat. Then, fold in the edges of the opening and do a topstitch. 

DIY scarf top

How to turn a silk scarf into a top

DIY backless silk top

DIY backless silk top

Here’s the finished reversible backless top. I hope you guys enjoyed this Gucci-inspired top that I made from a silk scarf. It’s so straightforward, and so is the pattern. Thanks for joining me and have fun!

Suggested materials:
  • Silk scarf
  • Paper towel
  • Measuring tape
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