DIY Doodle Tee - White Tee Transformation! So Fun to Do and Wear!

Doodle T and Me!
by Doodle T and Me!
2 Materials
1 Hour

A Plain White Tee sometimes needs a Fun Transformation - this one has Stylish details, for a Simple White Tee, but it is a bit tired, and rather ho hum.

Some Simple Doodles are Required to Get this Tee to Sing!

And the Best Part...Artistic Talent is Not Required...OK...maybe just a little!

Materials to Create a Doodle Tee:

  1. White Cotton Tee.
  2. Black Sharpie Marker.
  3. Colored Sharpie Markers.
  4. Flat Cardboard.
  5. Inspirations for the Design.

Inspiration for the Design comes from Many Sources - Google images. Photos. Life. Or the Inspirations that Fill Your Heart.

How to Make a Doodle Tee:

  1. Insert the flat cardboard inside the Tee and position under the area that you are drawing. The cardboard prevents the Sharpie from bleeding through to the other side of the Tee.

2. Let your heart sing and just start drawing...a light touch is all that is needed when using the Sharpie on the tee fabric...the Sharpie ink will soak into the tee.

3.Keep the fabric taut as you draw. The tautness will give you a smooth, fluid line.

4.Sharpie on fabric is Permanent. It is also Fade Resistant and Waterproof. It will not wash out.

Black Sharpie Fine Point Markers (Set of 24)...Amazon LINK.

Collar feature is done - Swirls, Flowers, Leaves. The design follows the neckline of the Tee.

The Fun Part of the Design...A Hand holding the marker and Drawing the Doodles...

You can Use Your Own Hand as the Model and Draw...Or find an Image on Google...Print out the Image...

Place the Printed Image on top of the Cardboard and Insert inside the Tee. With a White Tee, the Image will show through the Tee.

You can follow the Lines to Trace the Design and/or use the image as a Guide.

The Front Doodle Design is Done...Now On to the Back of the Tee...

More Vines and a Sunglass Girl...Just going with the Flow making Doodles...

The Best Part of this Project is to Just Have Fun with the Design...And be Sure to SIGN Your Work!

But Remember the Sharpie Rule:

You can always ADD to the Image...But NOT SUBTRACT.

I was ready to leave this as Black and White Doodle...but COLOR was calling my name...Maybe Just some Red Lips for an accent...

Color Sharpie Fine Point Markers (Set of 8)...Amazon LINK.

And a few Green Leaves...Done!

The White Doodle Tee Transformation...The FRONT...

and The BACK.

Front Neck Doodle Details...

Who says Doodle Art is Only for Paper or Canvas...

Doodle Art can be Anywhere and Everywhere...Front and Back!

For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

Suggested materials:
  • White Tee   (Amazon)
  • Sharpie Markers   (Amazon)

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